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  • British Colonial Hilton Cheap Hotel in Nassau for $125

    British Colonial Hilton Nassau

    British Colonial Hilton Nassau

    We have found the perfect beachy destination for your summer vacation. Book the British Colonial Hilton cheap hotel deals for $125 per night and save nearly 70% compared to regular prices.

  • Top Las Vegas Hotel Deals of March and April

    Caesars Palace hotel and casino Las Vegas

    Caesars Palace ©Ron Reiring/Flickr

    Deciding where to travel this spring during March and April? It probably depends on what type of trip you’re looking for. Some people like to rage their faces off at pool parties, others want a relaxing day at the spa, some enjoy a nice night time show, but others just want to party at the night clubs.

    Luckily, no matter what type of travel you’re planning to do in spring, Las Vegas has you covered, and for cheap too if you find the right hotel deals you might be able to book a room from as little as $30 per nights, or even less, at one of the iconic casino hotels. Now if you ask me, I’m totally one for staying up all night at the casino or partying the night away at a Vegas nightclub, but I can also appreciate a nice relaxing vacation every once and awhile when I need one, even if that’s for boring people.

  • What makes a good hotel great

    Hotel restaurant

    Hotel restaurant ©KassandraBay/Flickr

    When you go on a vacation, business trip, whatever, it is usually the flight and the hotel that are the most crucial points of your spendings. But while when you book a flight, you mostly want it to be cheap and maybe to provide the most award miles, with a hotel, there are much more factors to consider with a hotel.

    I will try to answer to the question of what makes a good hotel great and you please let me know if you have anything to add. Would you like for instance a robot to paint a picture of your sleep based on the data coming from the sensors in your bed – watch the video to see how it is done!

  • Cheap New York City hotels from $99 p/n

    New York city during night

    New York city during night

    Travelgrove Deal Hunters have found some very advantageous deals for cheap New York City hotels from $99 per night per room. But we also have last minute Las Vegas hotels from $22 per night per room.

    We do not only offer cheap hotel offers, check below to see Hawaii vacations from $566 per person, round-trip Boston flights from $98 per person.

  • Country Inn and Suites in Tampa for $59 per night

    Country Inn Tampa

    Country Inn Tampa ©

    Our deal hunter team has found some pretty amazing travel deals for this first week of August. For instance you can get a room in Country Inn and Suites in Tampa for $59 per night, or round-trip flights nationwide from only $70.

    Our Tampa hotel deal is perfect for a Florida vacation, but if you have other destinations in mind, we offer Riviera Maya vacations from $519, Bahamas cruises from $169 and many other great travel deals.

  • Dubai holidays with Virgin Holidays: explore the jewel of the Middle East

    Dubai beach

    Dubai beach ©keithusc/Flickr

    This year, why not explore somewhere truly exotic, by visiting Dubai? The perfect holiday destination for families or frequent travellers, Dubai has something to offer everyone.

    Travellers looking for places to go in Dubai should take a walk into Satwa, the Indian and Filipino district for some delicious cuisine, and peruse market stalls selling a variety of jewellery and fabrics. Pop into the historical district of Bur Dubai and dine in one of their many floating restaurants. You can also browse the many spice souks in Dubai’s old financial centre of Deira.

    If you’re after a more rural experience, you can explore the Middle East’s endless desert in a 4×4 jeep with frequent tours taking place out of the city each day. Or why not take a stroll along Dubai’s many beautiful beaches? There’s just so much to explore!

  • The best budget hotels in Singapore

    photo by William Cho on Flickr

    Singapore is one of the busiest ports in Asia, one of the wealthiest cities all around, and a tourist destination that some love and some hate, but which will most definitely won’t leave you indifferent. Some see Singapore like a clean-cut, simplified version of more ‘authentic’ Asian cities, but the truth is that Singapore has plenty of authenticity and personality of its own.

    And another thing that might not be obvious about Singapore is that you can visit it on a tighter budget too. Singapore is not the cheapest destination in Southeast Asia, but it has a range of reasonably priced flashpacker and budget travel options. The most airlines offer cheap flights to Singapore. Here are some of the best budget hotels in Singapore.

  • Top 5 most gigantic hotels in the world

    Luxor Las Vegas, photo by Steve Cadman on Flickr

    Imagine thousands upon thousands of rooms in one single building, with bathrooms, hallways, bars and restaurants in tow. Sounds bigger than anything humanity has ever built? Buildings capable of housing a small town are not a figment of the imagination, but pure reality. Buildings of such a size are obviously not family homes, but sprawling hotels in some of the biggest and busiest cities of the world.

    As a guest lodging in a hotel this big, you would need some very good maps, but if you are ever in the situation of not being able to find the exit in some of the top 5 most gigantic hotels in the world, at least you’ll have the certainty that they are a beautiful place to get lost in.

  • The most famous luxury hotels in Europe

    photo by chelmsfordblue on Flickr

    Even if you are the kind of hardened backpacker who doesn’t think twice about sleeping under the open sky, you’ve probably dreamed of sleeping in luxury hotels where you’re treated like royalty, where your room has a king-size bed, a minibar stocked with champagne, and room service that’s better than even the fanciest restaurant.

    If you’re willing to pay a pretty penny to stay in a place like this, or if you’re merely considering your options for when you’ll win the lottery, here are some of the most famous luxury hotels in Europe.

  • 5 hotels with a weird history from around the world

    Shrigley Hall Hotel, photo by Ian Capper on

    Few travelers can avoid visiting at least a few hotels in the course of their travels. And staying at a hotel is not always the most exciting alternative, especially since some hotels look like they are making efforts to be as ordinary as possible.

    But there are other hotels, which might seem like your run of the mill building with regular rooms, but which have a few skeletons in the closet, sometimes literally. Hotels that are set up in older buildings that used to serve another purpose sometimes end with with a baggage, and maybe not looking like hotels at all. Here are 5 hotels with a weird history from around the world, which are just too unusual to pass up.

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