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  • What makes a good hotel great

    Hotel restaurant

    Hotel restaurant ©KassandraBay/Flickr

    When you go on a vacation, business trip, whatever, it is usually the flight and the hotel that are the most crucial points of your spendings. But while when you book a flight, you mostly want it to be cheap and maybe to provide the most award miles, with a hotel, there are much more factors to consider with a hotel.

    I will try to answer to the question of what makes a good hotel great and you please let me know if you have anything to add. Would you like for instance a robot to paint a picture of your sleep based on the data coming from the sensors in your bed – watch the video to see how it is done!

    Services in a great hotel

    Yes, most of us are looking for the cheapest possible option, but apart from this, a smile is always the best welcome. When the staff is nice and helpful, it even compensates a few little shortcomings. A professional team in every aspect of the services of the hotel is also crucial and a fast check-in process also makes a good first impression.

    Family checks-in at a hotel

    Check-in at a hotel ©Holidayextras/Flickr

    The most important thing that leaves an impression is right at the end of your stay: the bill. If there are no hidden extras and the bill is right and self explanatory enough, you will surely not have bad feelings about the hotel when you are leaving.

    The amenities in a perfect hotel

    While staying at a hotel the principal issue is your room. it has to be absolutely clean and as cozy as possible to make you feel good. In the case of a bathroom perfect hygiene is of utmost importance, no one goes back to a hotel where bathroom area is not cleaned properly.

    Hotel pool

    Hotel pool ©olliethebastard/Flickr

    I like to choose a hotel with the best pool and a fitness facilities if possible. A little sport is the best way to recharge your batteries. The food is an important issue as well. Good food will keep you happy and so will – let’s just say – 24 hour dining facilities. Flexible dining hours are also a huge pro to any hotel!

    Hotel restaurant

    Hotel restaurant ©KassandraBay/Flickr

    High standards are good, do not pipe down and find the hotel with standards similar to yours. Pay attention to details of what makes a good hotel great when you are looking for the best and when you found it, lay back and let them take care of you.

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