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  • Medical procedures easily done abroad

    Girl at the eye doctor

    At the eye doctor ©** RCB **/Flickr

    At this time the number of people traveling away from their homes for medical services is about half a million in a year. Some travel abroad for more difficult surgeries that they cannot easily afford at home, but others – the opportunistic medical tourists – merely seize the opportunity of some minor procedure while they are traveling anyway.

    Here are some medical procedures that can easily be done abroad. If you put so much effort in planning a vacation, why not add some extra effort into planning to resolve some health care issue at the same time? 

    Alternative treatments and wellness

    Patient being treated with acupuncture

    Patient treated with acupuncture ©Wonderlane/Flickr

    This is not about a thermal bath or a good spa center, but really improving either your general health or a specific problem. Alternative treatments, such as Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, acupuncture, homeopathy as well as other non-traditional medical approaches/procedures are becoming more and more sought after and provide serious results as well.

    Dentistry abroad

    Dentistry tourism makes up a notable portion of the medical travel industry, the most notable destinations of this segment being Costa Rica, Mexico and Hungary. Dental care is affordable here and of high quality whether you need bridges, implants or other services. many of the doctors hold certificates from Western universities.

    Vision related issues

    Girl at the eye doctor

    At the eye doctor ©** RCB **/Flickr

    While rates for eye surgeries and even minor examinations are constantly rising in the US, you can do many medical procedures abroad for a fraction of the average rate in the state sometimes. Countries from Turkey to India have some of the finest eye clinics with great doctors. Note though, that in the case of a medical intervention recovery is quick but some days/weeks of rest may be recommended – the eye is a very sensible organ!

    Cosmetic dermatology

    As you are on a vacation, relaxing and resting, you can also upgrade your beauty factor by some medi-spa clinic abroad… You can easily smooth out some wrinkles, get rid of some freckles or tighten your pores in such a facility. But before you decide, you should definitely check the credentials of the establishment as well as the doctors and check costumer reviews and before-after pictures to be sure.

    Blood tests and allergy testing

    Blood analysis in  a laboratory

    Blood analysis in a laboratory

    Allergy and blood tests are another group of medical procedures that you can easily do abroad and for a much lower price. Such tests do not take a lot of time, results are pretty fast and safe. Before you travel, search the internet for local clinics and their pricing or contact the International Patient Services Center of the given hospital.

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