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Cheap hotels in Paris

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posted by blackangel_66 on 23 Jun 2009
Cheap hotels in Paris
I have found hotel room in Paris for only 38 Euros per night. Can you beat that? :)
It's in Hotel Paris Belleville and you can find the offer on:
Have a nice trip!
danpop responded to Cheap hotels in Paris on 23 Jun 2009
That depends on how select you are. For instance, I stayed in Paris two years ago with 15 euros per night, but it was a hostel. We were 3 per room, and it wasn't exactly a 5 star accommodation, but nobody cared. A place to sleep very close to the center was enough. But still, the offer you posted is really one to be taken into consideration.
Admutur responded to Cheap hotels in Paris on 9 Nov 2009
Hello, I have been in Orlando in April 2009. I am from Costa Rica, and bought a time share property near all the best attractions ANY where in the world in 64000 resorts worldwide.
I want to share with new friend my accommodation for 7 more new people from anywhere in the world. This is the a 5 star resort. It could be less luxury.
I need to have 7 new friends going there in Paris or anywhere during Spring break 2010 and they pay just for 3 weeks, what you would pay for a 3 star hotel during a week or less. Plus my upgraded membership for 40 years give me many discounts in airlines and rentals.
Contact me by skype... my ID is dragontico
take care God bless you,

Bassel-Zarwi responded to Cheap hotels in Paris on 23 Aug 2011
Hi Everyone I wanted to share this with all of you , if you want to book your hotel i suggest you take a look at , its the best booking agent that i recently found , used to use booking , expedia , and discovered this site to have the best rates online , plus it will compare all other hotel bookings and will give you best rates, additionally to the detailed information (pictures , maps , reviews , filter , etc..) Regards, Bassel

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