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Flight to Guadalajara

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posted by maesbatres on 20 Sep 2009
Flight to Guadalajara
where can i find low price on airline tickets, or were can i place my own price to a ticket from lax to gdl for december
zlori responded to Flight to Guadalajara on 21 Sep 2009
Dear maesbatres,

The developers of this site are currently working on a price-alert system where you will be able to post your given price and wait till the prices drops below it. Unfortunately currently this is not available but you can browse the cheap flight section for the cheapest prices found by other users here:

I hope this will help,

MadSuh responded to Flight to Guadalajara on 21 Sep 2009
I think what he is looking for is some sort of auction. The only service I am aware of is Pricline's name your own price. You can use this site to search them and then simply use their "name your own price" option.


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