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posted by marieditt on 25 Aug 2009
Fares to Germany
When is the best time to book travel in October from NYC to Germany? Will the fares be going up or down?
zlori responded to Fares to Germany on 27 Aug 2009
Hi, I think this is what you need:

Since we are going out from the season (as you can see on the chart) I think you should buy your ticket as soon as possible. This page says the best price for October is 590$, but it was found 7 days ago so the best way is to check. Let me know if you have further question, I'm glad to help! (Especially because I'll have a lot of questions too before going to my next trip :P ).

Davidparker01 responded to Fares to Germany on 31 Dec 2011
Wherever your destination is, landing cheap air fares should always be among your priorities. But contrary to popular belief, looking for cheap air travel tickets is easy.

David Parker
anonymous responded to Fares to Germany on 3 Sep 2012
But I never find anything cheap in Germany, everything is very expensive.

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How much are hotels generally in Germany?

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