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airline ticket from Boston to Beijing

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posted by szhao on 19 Nov 2008
airline ticket from Boston to Beijing
I just booked a ticket from Boston to Beijing on 19 Dec from one of your
ticket provider, called tavel grove. But I didn't receive any purchase
receipt via email. Besides, there is no indication whether I need to
transfer airports from LGA to JFK in New York. Could you help me check it?
I bought US airlines at 12:00 leaving for New York with the flight number
of 2639.
zlori responded to airline ticket from Boston to Beijing on 19 Nov 2008
First of all, neighter on Travelgrove nor on Faredetective you can make a booking; these pages are just helping you to find the best price from the biggest providers, but than you're booking your ticket at providers' sites.
However I repeated your travelgrove search (here's the link, copy into your browser to check it:⟨=def&dep_date=12/19/2008&arr_date=&subID=&search_opt=us

The United Airlines route you mentioned is provided by Farepath, so I think you booked on their site. So you have to contact them by phone (1-866-307-8248, 503-439-1811) or by mail (
Also here's their contact page:

Regards and have a nice trip!

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