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Admutur is improving my web on Nov 9, 2009

Home town:
Guadalupe, Costa Rica
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United States
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Paris, Vienna, London

Native language:English Webpage: Occupation:tech support call center Interests:travelling,trips,food,internet,sports,make money Slogan:to your best before it's too late Description:a costarican young Man looking for sexy sweet heart Woman from any peaceful and democratic country to start Romantic Life.. however ever since I still behave as a good man, I only attract naughty or horny women, not the nice women, since they are attracte 
Languages:Spanish Eye color:brown Hair Color:black Height:5'5" / 168cm Weight:143lbs / 65kg Smoke:no Religion:catholic Favorite cities:Paris, Vienna, London Favorite books:Don Quixote, The Bible, Juliet and Romeo Favorite movies:Star Wars, Lord of the Rings Favorite music:pop, rock, top40, hard rock, techno/ house, latin, country, classical 

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1. Discount vacations to Orlando (added on Nov 9, 2009)

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