Thrilling visit to Kaziranga National Park

by Richa 

(from: May 16, 2012 to: May 16, 2015)

Our planet is full of wonders and the living creatures are the greatest creativity of nature. As a human being it is our moral duty to save and preserve nature’s masterpieces. With revolutionary changes natural environment is deteriorating day by day and to save the environment many sanctuaries and wild life reserves have been established.

Kaziranga National Park is among those reserves situated on the south bank of Brahmaputra River in Assam. This national park India is renowned for the preservation of large number of one horned Indian rhinoceros. This sanctuary also offers unique setting for wildlife sights including different species of birds.

Setting partly in Golaghat district and partly in Nagaon district, Kaziranga National Park Assam, covers an area approximately of 430 sq kms with its swamps and tall thickets of grass making the place appear wilder and unique habitat. The natural environment and the vastness of the country make the visitors more accessible to this national park to have the glorious experiences of wild life. An elephant ride for sight-seeing and admiring natural beauty of the environment can be the most attractive opportunity while coming to Kaziranga National Park, Assam.

Tourists can catch more than 1000 number of rhinoceros in this reserve. Apart from the vast numbers of rhinoceros, tourists can also find many other wild species including wild elephants with more than 700 in numbers, tigers, mouse deer, the hog deer, barking deer, chinkara gazelle, bears, leopards, leopard cat, wild boars and gaur. One can feel blossomed to see such diversities that are to be found here besides a variety of the primate family. The wild buffalo is another attraction of the reserve which is surprisingly over 6oo of these in this reserve. The bird-watching in Kaziranga is typical of the north-eastern Foothill of India.

The main highlight of bird-watching is the sight of hundred numbers of Pelicans, which breed here. The other birds commonly found here are Crested Serpent eagle, Pallas fishing eagle, grey - headed fishing eagle, swamp partridges, red jungle fowl, Bengal florican, bar headed goose, whistling teal, egrets, herons, black - necked stork, and open billed stork.
Planning for Kaziranga National park tour is best feasible during the months of January to April when large varieties of migratory birds mark their presence although November to May can also be find the best time to take the full advantage of the sight-seeing of this amazing park.

Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati and Jorhat are the easy accessible routes for the tourist and the nature lovers. A vehicle (jeep) or elephant back safari can make your Kaziranga National Park tour more fruitful and advantageous when you will get all the beautiful visits in a single trip.

Visit Kaziranga to have all the joyful activities coming your way with other attractions like Kakochang waterfalls, ruins of the ancient Numaligarh, tea gardens of Hathkhuli, Methoni, Difalu, Behora Borchapori, coffee and rubber plantations behind the tourist lodge.

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