The Other Side of Christchurch

by rockymudgel 

(from: Feb 20, 2011 to: Feb 20, 2011)

Known as the Garden city of New Zealand- Christchurch is a city that offers a delicate balance between history and contemporary culture. This contrast is evident when the old English architecture of New Zealand's early European settlers stands side by side with new gleaming office blocks. However, the most notable characteristic of the city is that it is a city of color and a vibrant atmosphere.
Though the city mostly offers a relaxed laid back life style that is typically exemplified by Hagely Park which provides 150 acres of wooded park land it also has great shopping malls and happening night spots. A number of multi ethnic restaurants can be found dotted all over Christchurch are a testament to the large numbers of immigrants who have made Christchurch their home. The city also hosts a number of pageants and festivals annually such as the Festival of Romance, the International Buskers Festival, Showtime Canterbury, and the Winter Carnival.

However the biggest thing on the entertainment scene in Christchurch is its vibrant nightlife. A number of fashionable hang out spots such as bars, clubs and restaurants can be found in several areas in Christchurch, most notably in Cathedral Square, Oxford Terrace or the Cashel Mall. The favorite party district in Christchurch is Oxford Terrace which is referred to as 'The Strip,' this area attracts the late night clubbing crowd that is usually comprised of university students and young executives.

In addition to the eclectic Oxford Terrace, Manchester Street also has a vibrant pub scene that would no doubt be popular with sports fans; almost all of Christchurch's sports are located here. Though regular clubs and discotheques are rare in this city most bars and pubs feature local bands or singers and create a temporary dance floor of revelers during weekends. Being a regular destination for tourists that visit New Zealand, comfortable accommodation can be found in Christchurch hotels. Like many other New Zealand hotels they also offer same standards of hospitality found throughout the country.

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