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by bigigyuri 

(about Cancun, Mexico, added on Jun 10, 2009)

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bigigyuri wrote on Jun 17, 2009:We did,no luck with the dances! We had too much to drink:)

zlori wrote on Jun 11, 2009:Ola! You look like you really enjoyed the vacation. Nice sombreros, did the locals teach their dances on the fiesta? :)

bigigyuri wrote on Jun 11, 2009:Hi!
The pyramid is the Chichen Itza,(Mexico)and is part of the world new seven wonders.It's Mayan and it's over 1500 years old.

erato wrote on Jun 11, 2009:Hi there! Very nice gallery. Where is the pyramid from pic. 3? Is that Aztec or something? By the way, the cocktail looks delicious! :)

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