Ukrainian Cuisine

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by ttguide 

(about Kiev, Ukraine, added on Jun 21, 2011)

Dishes of Ukrainian Cuisine

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MadSuh wrote on Jun 24, 2011:what exactly is that number 4? It looks like some Japanese Soup to me. Anyhow, your dishes look great and many of them I know. It would be great to see the names with those dishes ;)

ttguide wrote on Jun 21, 2011:Certainly you have already heard about the variety and fantastic taste of Ukrainian cousin!

But one thing is to hear about it and quite another is to taste it – get to know its delicacy and flavor, experience the unicity and balance of taste, learn the history of each dish its recipe and table layout rules. Such experience will surely add some fresh colors to your picture «My trip to Ukraine». It will satisfy not only your unique taste but also your informational hunger.

We will show you the best places of our city where the atmosphere, cuisine and attitude is on the highest level – you will feel yourself the most valuable and welcome guest.

And who knows maybe you will discover a new favourite dish of yours!!!

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