Spain Spring Trip 2008

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by Tudi 

(about Valencia, Spain, added on Jun 23, 2009)

These pictures are from my trip to Spain last year. Although we spent most of our time in Valencia, we also visited Madrid and some other locations.

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Tudi wrote on Jun 24, 2009:Yeah, I remember that match Cipri. Romanians from all over Spain went to see it and at some points they would out-chant the Real fans :D

I'm a Rapid fan myself and been with the Rapid gallery on several matches, but I have to admit, Steaua has a beautiful gallery as well when they want to (and when they're not booing over the management, although I can also understand them there).

cipristb wrote on Jun 24, 2009:Unfortunatly I've missed a visit to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium when Real played in Champions League against STEAUA, my favorit team from Romania. At that match STEAUA was encuraged by 20.000 romanian supportes

cipristb wrote on Jun 24, 2009:Nice, very nice pictures, I visited Italy in 2000 beeing at Rome and it was a very nice trip, but I think that Spain it's a country that it's worth to visit, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia the Bascs Country, I think they are great places in Spain.

Tudi wrote on Jun 23, 2009:It is, I had a wonderful time! I'm very homesick usually and would never consider moving away from my hometown, but Calpe, the town where the first pictures are from, is the only place I visited where I said to myself I'd like to live there for the rest of my life :)

Valencia is also great, despite being a rather busy town, during the evening it was very quiet and peaceful and the people there are incredibly nice to tourists!

angel wrote on Jun 23, 2009:It seems to me that Valencia is a pretty beautiful place. I have never been to Spain, but I would like to visit it someday.

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