Santiago Bernabeu

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by Tudi 

(about Madrid, Spain, added on Jun 23, 2009)

Match between Real Madrid and Athletico Bilbao. Real trashed Bilbao 3-0 :)

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Tudi wrote on Jun 24, 2009:Yeah, I agree, that's definitely one of the things I want to attend during this lifetime :) I bet Real's gallery would look a lot better than how it looked during the match I've seen. When I was on bernabeu, they were already champions I think and they were up against a (then) weak Bilbao team that they simply crushed. In El Classico though...Im pretty sure that's on another level.

cipristb wrote on Jun 24, 2009:Tudi,I'm not a fan of Real Madrid but is a one of the foreign teams that I like. One of my dreams it's to be present at one of the 'El Classico' matches between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona ... I think the atmosfere at one of this matches it's great, maybe one day I will catch a ticket to a match like that

Tudi wrote on Jun 23, 2009:Ah, I'm not a Real Madrid fan :P I just happened to be in Madrid when they were playing and I couldn't pass the opportunity to visit the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. The Real Madrid scarf was actually for a friend back home, who is fanatic about Real, so I brought him a gift.

angel wrote on Jun 23, 2009:I see that your are a big Real Madrid fan! Does it worth? The long road and the expensive ticket?

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