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Paris in a couple of hours

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by erato 

(about Paris, France, added on Aug 14, 2009)

Very large, very busy, very beautiful. :)

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erato wrote on Aug 20, 2009:@ Those who were there might agree with me that Paris is very busy and crowded. Still, I'll never forget those few hours that we have spent there. :)
Although Paris was very beautiful, I preferred the countryside. People were kinder here and nobody was in hurry - maybe except for us, sometimes. :D

anneballo wrote on Aug 20, 2009:Paris could be lovely to see, but I consider that rushing makes it much unromantic that we usually think about the milieu of this city :D What was the best thing that you met in France? Did you like better Paris or the little towns?

iluveurope wrote on Aug 19, 2009:I love Paris and I see some many familiar places in your beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing and I am glad that you had a wonderful summer vacation.

blackangel_66 wrote on Aug 18, 2009:Paris, I love that city so much, it's so beautiful! How was it walking on the Champs Elysees and the bank of the Seine of course? How long was the flight from Budapest to Paris, by the way?

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Erato's comment on Aug 17, 2009 22:16:First we didn't know why are people moving very strangely at the same time with the same speed...then we looked down and saw this. MOVING SIDEWALK, it's crazy!
By the way you can find this great invention on the way between the Charles de Gaulle airport and the train station. Enjoy! :)


Zangazanga's comment on Aug 17, 2009 22:25:Wow, Paris is really amazing. So much art and beauty on only one picture! Very nice tunnel, indeed, where did you find it? I will surely go and see it if I'm in Paris. :D



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