My little Zagreb :)

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by Hiawatha 

(about Zagreb, Croatia, added on Apr 25, 2009)

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Hiawatha wrote on Apr 29, 2009:*my FRIENDS from there!;)

Hiawatha wrote on Apr 29, 2009:Honestly thanks.. it was one of the best and happiest parts of my life till now.. Thank you, Zagreb - thank you, my friend from there!:) - this gallery is yours!:)

erato wrote on Apr 26, 2009:One of the best galleries I have ever seen, KEEP posting, you're doing it extraordinarily well! ;-) My favorites are: 258 (kissing the statue), 241 and 242 (the nepping lion), the gate on the pic. #211 and many more, but I found each of them amazing! ;-)

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