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  • The Grandest 4th of July Celebrations in the US

    photo by Lanana

    Fireworks are what make the 4th of July so great, but as everybody knows, that’s not all there is to the American national day. Most of the time, the bigger a city is, the more elaborate and long the celebrations tend to be, and the festivities are definitely not limited to fireworks (although these can be quite impressive on their own, and a the perfect grand finale for the day).

    Concerts, events, theater, exhibitions, parties, food and drink, that’s what you can expect at the grandest 4th of July celebrations in the US, and here’s a list of some of the best.

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    Washington DC

    Obviously, the US capital is the leader when it comes to the grandest 4th of July celebrations in the US, and the fireworks that you can see over the gorgeous DC skyline are some of the most beautiful in the world – just ask any DC resident.

    The first 4th of July celebration was held on Thomas Jefferson’s lawn more than two centuries ago, but nowadays there are so many parties and gatherings that it’s difficult to choose only one of them!

    Addison, Texas

    photo by HeroicLife

    The town of Addison is not big, so maybe it’s not that obvious why people would choose to travel there for the national day, but that’s only because they haven’t seen the fabulous fireworks show put on every year.

    Kaboom Town, as the show is called, is one of the biggest firework shows in the US, and it features fireworks from all around the world.

    New York City, New York

    Watching the huge fireworks explode over the Statue of Liberty is a priceless experience, and it seems like there’s no place more fitting for a 4th of July celebration than New York Harbor.

    Of course, there are many other firework events, like the one on East River where you can see the fireworks shot up in the air from fireboats.

    Atlantic City, New Jersey

    photo by Dan Century

    The yearly 4th of July celebration in Atlantic City is put on by the casinos in the city, which band together to create one of the most spectacular shows in the US.

    The Jersey shore is the perfect place for watching the display of light and color, and to drink a bottle of champagne on the boardwalk.

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    The 4th of July celebrations in Philadelphia last for an entire week, and there are enough activities to keep both families and party people happy. Throughout the week there are movies, theater performances and parties. The firework display over the Philadelphia Museum of Art is amazing, and so is the party that follows it.

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