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  • Best St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the world

    St Patrick’s Day is the Irish holiday, and even if you don’t have a drop of Irish blood in your vein, you should celebrate it! Why? Because it is not just an opportunity to wear green and drink beer, but also a day when the most exciting and parades take place not only in Ireland, but the US as well.

    St. Paddy’s Day bashes are many and varied, but it takes the luck of the Irish to find the best ones. So if you want to be sure that you’re not left out of the best St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the world, take a look at our list.

    Dublin, Ireland

    If you don’t mind crossing the ocean in the pursuit of the most genuine St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, head to the capital of St. Paddy’s homeland. Dublin is the best place to party on March 17, and it’s enough to just go out on the street to have a good time.

    After the parade, choose a random pub (preferably the noisiest you can find), drink Guinness, listen to some Irish music, and maybe even attempt to dance the Irish step.

    Galway, Ireland

    If you want something smaller than the Dublin revelry, but just as purely Irish, head to the charming seaside town of Galway, one of the most picturesque places in Ireland.

    The paved streets in the town center are full of people sporting green top hats and feather boas in the colors of the Irish flag, and the drinking and dancing in the pubs doesn’t stop until morning.

    Boston, Massachusetts

    If you are staying in the US, Boston hosts the biggest and oldest St. Paddy’s celebrations in the country. About 16% of the inhabitants of Boston are of Irish descent, and they know how to celebrate their national holiday.

    Almost 500,000 people attend the parade every year, and there are plenty of activities to choose from: beer tasting, Irish punk-rock concerts, cultural exhibits and floats.

    Chicago, Illinois

    In Chicago, the locals are so committed to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day that they even die the river green! There are even two parades in the Windy City, one downtown and one in the South Side.

    In addition, there’s a beauty pageant, a charity dinner with corned beef and cabbage on the menu. Although the Chicago parades are relatively young compared to others, about 300,000 people attend each of them.

    Savannah, Georgia

    If you want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a southern twist, head to Savannah, where you’ll be served green grits for breakfast, and where you’ll see almost every fountain in the city spout green water. About 400,000 attend the celebrations, and the city claims to host the second largest, but the grandest St. Paddy’s parade in the world.

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