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    If you are visiting Chile, it would be a big mistake not to spend at least a few days in the country’s capital, Santiago de Chile. As capitals usually are, Santiago de Chile is the cultural and economic center of the country, but it is also a very good base for the exploration of the surrounding areas which are ripe with all sorts of tourist attractions.

    However, Santiago is not short on attractions itself, and luckily for the budget traveler, many of these are free to see. So if you want to have a great time in the Chilean capital for little or no money, here are some free tourist attractions in Santiago de Chile.

    La Moneda Palace

    La Moneda Palace is the presidential palace of Santiago de Chile, which also houses the offices of some important ministers. Initially, the building served as a colonial mint, opened in 1805, and which produced coins until 1929.

    Although the palace was partially destroyed in the 70’s, it has been restored and now visitors can take free one hour tours of the palace (you need to call and book a tour in advance).

    Jazz clubs

    Santiago de Chile has a very impressive jazz scenes, with large clusters of great jazz bars in the northern parts of Nunoa neighborhood. While the largest clubs may charge admission (especially for international acts), there are plenty of clubs where you can listen to local artists for the price of a drink (if you’re sneaky enough, not even that).

    Parque Metropolitano

    photo by Nellu Mazilu

    The large Parque Metropolitano is home to the famous Cerro San Cristóbal, a hill that rises 300 meters above the rest of the city. Needless the say, you can get som astounding views of the city from the top of the hill, or free if you are prepared for a hike, or for the price of a funicular ticket if not. The park also has a nice zoo, a botanical garden and a couple of swimming pools.

    Museums on Sunday

    On Sundays a lost of museums in downtown Santiago de Chile charge no admission fee. So if there’s something you particularly want to see, you should ask at the museum information desk if they have free admission on Sunday, and wait until the weekend.

    Mercado Central de Santiago

    photo by peregrine blue

    Santiago’s central market is a lovely 19th century building made interesting by the cast iron decorations manufactured in Glasgow, UK, is one of the main tourist attractions in Santiago, and while it is not the city’s main wholesale market anymore, it is seen as a place where ancient recipes are preserved and where you can eat some of the most delicious food in the city at one of the many restaurants inside the market.

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