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  • Unusual table manner tips from around the world

    photo by Sergio Russo on Flickr

    If you were ever been constantly told to mind your table manners, especially when you’re at someone else’s place, you can forget this piece of advice when you’re traveling. In fact, being careful with dining etiquette is very important when abroad, but when you’re in a country whose culture is very different from your own, one of the first things you have to do if forget the dos and don’ts that you learned as a kind.

    In a foreign country, the food might not be the only thing that’s different – the way you have to eat it is also unexpected. So if you want to avoid looking like a barbarian next time you’re dining out in a foreign country, here are some unusual table manner tips.

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  • Festivals to travel for: The Burning of the Witches in the Czech Republic



    Officially, the Czech republic has only been around for less than two decades, but never let it be said that it doesn’t have enough history and traditions to fill an entire library. In one form or another, the Czech Republic has had a pretty important role in European history, so its attractions are not only natural, but historical as well.

    The cities and towns of the Czech Republic are rich in culture, but they are the kind of destinations where you can easily spend your day sightseeing and still find some nice venues where you can go out and party 21st century style in the evening.

    However, one of the most fun things a traveler can do in the Czech Republic is attend one of the countless festivals and fairs that happen almost monthly. Read on to find out more about one of the Czech festivals to travel for: the Burning of the Witches in the Czech Republic.

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  • Easter around the world: South America



    Since the most widespread religion in most South American countries is Christianity, Easter is celebrated with various degrees of pomp and ceremony all over the continent.

    Easter is a good time for family celebrations, but it works just as well, if not better, as a window for a holiday. If you decide to head out of your home during Easter, whether on your own or with family or friends, South America is a great choice.

    Even at other times of the year, the particular blend of indigenous culture and African and European influences make South America is great cultural travel destination. The many Easter traditions and customs in South American countries turn this holiday into an exciting time of the year even for those who don’t usually celebrate it. So here are some more insights into how people celebrate Easter around the world: South America in particular.

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  • Top 5 destinations for Chinese New Year

    New Year in Beijing, photo by storyvillegirl on Flickr

    This year Chinese New Year will be taking place on January 23, which means that if you are the kind of traveler who likes to plan a trip carefully (or if you want to make sure that you find some good travel deals by then), then you can already start planning for it. It doesn’t matter whether or not you celebrate Chinese New Year or the Gregorian New Year, celebrating it in China is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.

    If you think that regular New Year events and fireworks are stunning, then wait until you see how things are done in China or other countries where there’s a significant Chinese population. The decorations, the food, the markets and the fireworks are reason enough to visit one of the top 5 destinations for Chinese New Year.

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  • Easter traditions around the world

    Even if you’re not a particularly religious person, you’ve probably celebrated Easter at some point in your life. And besides its religious meaning, Easter is always a great opportunity to visit friends and family, eat loads of home cooked food and generally be merry.

    But Easter is also a great time for traveling, especially if you are planning to go to countries where Easter is celebrated in a completely different way. Easter traditions around the world vary a great deal, despite the fact that the essence of the holiday is the same. Here are some interesting Easter traditions from around the world.

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  • The coolest traditions in the world

    Kava Ceremony

    Christmas is one of the most important traditions in the West (and beyond), and regardless of one’s religious beliefs it is next to impossible to escape the holiday hype. Holidays necessarily involve tradition, and that’s what makes them so much fun. But no matter how big the Christmas celebration is, there are tons of other fascinating traditions that receive less attention.

    So here are a couple of lesser known or less important traditions that are nonetheless really cool. A short list of the coolest traditions in the world:

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  • A short guide to Irish customs and traditions

    In this modern world, people bother less and less with traditions, which is not surprising considering that we prize science, logic and reason above everything. And while it’s certainly nice to be able to explain natural phenomena without resorting to supernatural mumbo-jumbo, some traditions, no matter how unreasonable they might seem, are worth preserving.

    Customs and traditions are part of a culture, and they are the ‘spice’ that make it unique. Ireland is the best example that shows that traditions need not be forgotten in a modern world. No matter how much technology has advanced in the past century, the Irish prize theirs customs and we can safely assume that they won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

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