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  • The most beautiful canyons in the world

    Taroko Gorge, photo by B_cool on Flickr

    Canyons are some of the most dramatic landforms on the planet (and even on other planets), created over millions of years by rivers that carved their way through the landscape. Geologists can probably rave on for hours about canyons, but you hardly need to know everything about them in order to appreciate their beauty.

    Wherever they are, canyons tend to be major natural attractions for people who want to see them, take pictures of them, climb them and trek along them. Canyons or gorges have a way of creating the perfect setting for adventures, as long as you don’t shrink from a bit of hiking and walking. Here are some of the most beautiful canyons in the world, for travelers who ‘collect’ natural wonders.

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  • 5 reasons to visit Taiwan



    Although China is a pretty popular travel destination nowadays, the same can’t really be said about Taiwan, otherwise known the Republic of China. The island of Taiwan has traded hands several times throughout history, and it’s a tricky place: its government is on mainland China, but Taiwan is an entirely different nation.

    If you think that if you’ve seen China there’s not much reason to visit Taiwan, a visit to this beautiful island (called in the past Formosa, meaning ‘beautiful’ in Portuguese) will change your mind. Taiwan is one of the most densely populated places on the planet, and yet there’s still enough space for breathtaking natural beauty. Mountains, beaches, exotic small towns and crowded neon-lit cities will give you plenty of incentives to travel. Here are 5 reasons to visit Taiwan, but there are many more than that!

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  • Top 10 Sights in East Asia

    Karts landscape in Guilin, China

    We’re slowly making our way across the map in our attempt to point out the ten essential sights that will make your trip so much better. Now it’s the turn of the fascinating Far East, and choosing only ten sights will be a very difficult job. Culturally and geographically, East Asia is as diverse as it can get. Between China, Japan, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea and Taiwan, there are also the city states of Macau and Hong Kong.

    However, what all these countries have in common is the Chinese influence. From cuisine to philosophy, religion and even writing systems, there’s is a cultural heritage that these countries share to some extent. But delve deeper below the surface and you’ll find that they could not be more different!

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