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  • San Francisco to Zanzibar Cheap Flights

    Zanzibar beach

    Zanzibar beach ©Rod Waddington/Flickr

    If you are adventurous enough to choose Africa as your next holiday destination, you will love the San Francisco to Zanzibar cheap flights we have just found you for $1,000 r/t. Fly in October on a multiple airlines flight operated by Ethiopian Airlines and Virgin America and save more than $500 compared to the next cheapest airline!

  • The most popular glamping destinations in the world



    For most people, camping is all about roughing it in the wild, getting in touch with primal nature and relying on basic survival skills – all in good fun. Others might prefer a but of glam in their camping expeditions, and instead of sleeping in a drafty tent and eating canned beans warmed by the fire, they go for something a bit more upscale – they go glamping.

    So if you want to be close to nature but not too close, you can pick and chose whatever you like out of a camping experience and supplement the rest with luxury. Here are some of the most popular glamping destinations in the world, where the wild is made upscale for you.

  • Natural attractions to see before they disappear

    Madagascar, photo by Ino Paap

    Our planet is unfortunately not unchanging, and much of its natural wonders are more short-lived than we can imagine. This means that the places we still have the opportunity to visit might be gone by the time the next century’s generations of travelers hit the road.

    Excessive tourism also has a part to play in the future disappearance of these natural spaces and phenomena, but this can be avoided if you travel responsibly. There’s a long list of natural attractions to see before they disappear, and with some foresight and eco-friendly tricks, you can even help them last longer.

  • The most beautiful hiking trails in the world

    Salkantay Trail, photo by Helder Ribeiro on Flickr

    Here’s the reason why there are so many incredible hiking trails in the world: our planet is pretty big (for us, at least), and not all people who claim to like hiking actually go hiking (otherwise there might be actual traffic jams on hiking trails).

    That leaves us with expanses of magnificently rugged and challenging terrain through which daring travelers have forged paths in their search of beautiful vistas and healthy outdoor exercise. Some trails are difficult and technical, while others are easy enough that you have ample time to admire the surrounding scenery. So here are some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the world.

  • Top 5 most exciting volcanoes in the world



    Think back of all the times when you’ve seen volcanoes in movies, and you’ll probably notice that they are rarely a benign presence in the plot. Unwary travelers find themselves in the way of a murderous torrent of lava, or are sacrificed to strange deities by scary looking locals.

    Suffice to say, volcanoes have been unjustly represented in films and books, so probably you don’t often find yourself thinking that you fancy visiting a volcano today.

    But despite their infamous reputation, volcanoes more often than not look like impressive mountains with a crater at the top rather than steaming, lava filled geological monsters. So them a chance (they can be really beautiful!) and visit some of the top 5 most exciting volcanoes in the world.

  • Top 10 national parks in the world


    If you want to get a taste of a country’s natural sights, then visiting a national park is the best way to get it done, because you can be sure that you will see some truly photo-worthy sights. National parks are created for the preservation and display of places of exceptional national beauty, so most likely, each square meter of the park will reveal something worth looking at.

    So if you want to cool off from the summer heat in a natural environment, here are the top 10 national parks in the world.

  • Tanzania on horseback

    Tanzania is one of the oldest continually populated places on earth, practically the cradle of human civilization. It is not only a country with a fascinating culture, but also breath-taking landscapes that few other places can boast of. A land of extremes, Tanzania has both the highest peak in Africa (Mt. Kilimanjaro) and the lowest lake (Tanganyika), plus a chunk of the largest lake in the wold (Lake Victoria, which it shares with Uganda and Kenya).

    All in all, if you want to explore Tanzania, you should try something different that will allow you to see every bit and nook of the country at your leisure – for example, explore Tanzania on horseback.

  • Top 10 places to see in Africa

    Dogon Country, Mali

    To continue our series of posts on the main sights that are an absolute must on each continent, here are the top 10 places in Africa that are so amazing that it’s a real shame if you take a tour o the continent. Obviously, it’s nearly impossible to visit all of Africa at once.

    The continent is so large, the cultures so diverse and the landscapes so amazing that it would probably take years to see all the visit-worthy places. So if you have a dilemma about where to go on your African tour, here is a list of places that we are sure you’ll just love.

  • Top 10 most famous mountains in the world


    Mont Blanc, France

    One of the first things that kids learn in geography classes is how high them mountains in their respective countries are, and of course all of them are compared to Mount Everest, or some other peak that is among the highest in the world. Mountains have somehow become a reason for national pride in many countries, and woe is the country that is unfortunate enough to have only plains and hills on its territory.

    So naturally, when we visit another country, mountains are an instant attraction (well, maybe only for those who are into hiking and trekking). In any case, should you wonder which mountains are famous enough to be checked out during your travels, here’s a list (in no particular order) of some of the most famous peaks in the world.

  • The best Safari tours in the world

    Not all travelers are adventurous by nature, and some people simply don’t relish the thought of going off into the wild  just so they can experience what it is like. And that’s why Safari tours are so convenient for those who’d rather not risk getting eaten by a lion, but would still like to see the afore mentioned lion go about his or her  day.

    While traditionally a safari implied hunting as well as sightseeing, nowadays the hunting part is thankfully skipped. Safari comes from a Swahili word meaning a long journey, and after all, that’s what it is: a long journey through the African wilderness. So grab your camera, some khaki clothes and a slouch hat, and embark on one of the most fascinating journeys you’ve ever experienced.

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