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  • Palawan, the last frontier of the Philippines



    Despite being the second largest archipelago in the world, and being home to more than seven thousand island, the Philippines remains one of the least explored tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. But even if many travelers ignore the Philippines in favor of more popular destinations, these islands are a paradise for backpackers and adventurers who are itching to find the last untouched corners of the continent.

    Palawan is the largest island province in the Philippines, and it is said to the country’s last pristine paradise, where nature is found in its purest form, and where dramatic landscapes are more common than pebbles. Fly to the Philippines to get to  Palawan, the last frontier of the Philippines, where adventure and the beauty of nature awaits you.

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  • Brazil’s stunning natural wonders



    The land of samba, carnivals and world famous beaches is clearly one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. But it’s not just the colorful culture of Brazil that attracts so many visitors, because another thing that Brazil has plenty of is natural beauty.

    Brazil is home to some of the most extensive rainforest in the world, to the mighty Amazon river and many other wonders of nature that you couldn’t see anywhere else in the world. Brazil’s cities might be dazzling, but every traveler should also visit Brazil’s stunning natural wonders.

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  • The best backpacker destinations in Guatemala

    photo by alq666 on Flickr

    Nowhere in Central America is the mix of Mayan and Spanish cultures more obvious than in Guatemala. This lush country with incredible natural beauty and historic sites that never cease to amaze is one of the most unforgettable destinations in Latin America.

    People come to Guatemala for the ubiquitous Maya heritage, for the chance to study Spanish in a colonial town, or adventure in the jungles and on rivers. Also, Guatemala is one of the cheapest destinations in Central America, which makes it ideal for backpacking.

    There are quite a few places in Guatemala that can easily be considered backpacker’s paradises, combining accommodation, good food and amazing things to see and do. Here are some of the best backpacker destinations in Guatemala.

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  • The stunning nature reserves of Suriname

    photo by borderlys on Flickr

    South Africa has such amazingly well known tourist attractions, and natural wonders that the whole world has heard about, and yet there’s always some spot to be found on the map where few tourist tread.

    Suriname is located in one such forgotten corner of the continent, sandwiched between Brazil, Guyana and French Guyana. Suriname calls itself the beating heart of the Amazon, and this is no mere overstatement. The country can best be described as a lush and green patch of forests crisscrossed by rivers, hiding an extraordinary cultural diversity.

    Suriname’s people is a mix and match of people descended from British and Dutch colonists, African slaves, Indian and Indonesian indentured workers and indigenous people, and while the cultural makeup has changed over the centuries, one thing stayed the same: the country’s natural beauty. Here is a short guide to the stunning nature reserves of Suriname.

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  • Top 5 destinations on the Garden Route, South Africa

    photo by Annabel Symington

    The Garden Route is a stretch of the South African coast that is widely considered to be one of the most picturesque regions in the country. The Garden Route, Tuinroete in Afrikaans, starts in Heidelberg and ends at Storms River, and predictably enough it gets its name from the verdant and lush vegetation of the area.

    The coast along the Garden Route is dotted with countless lagoons and bays, and numerous scenic small towns. There couldn’t be a better place for a South African road trip than the Garden Route, whose climate is reputedly one of the mildest in the world, and whose natural beauty and friendly towns tempt travelers at every turn. If you are visiting South Africa, here are the top 5 destinations on the Garden Route.

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