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  • Fall flights to Europe with Lufthansa


    Lufthansa ©chinaoffseason/Flickr

    If you want to admire fall foliage in Moscow or Berlin, these fall flights to Europe with Lufthansa our deal hunters picked this week are perfect for you. Here are some sample Europe flights with freshly confirmed prices:

    → New York City to Moscow for $639
    Denver to Venice for $1,024
    → Miami to Berlin for $775

    Rates include taxes and fees and are based on mid-week travel. You have to depart to Europe by October 31, return by November 31 and your stay cannot exceed 1 month. You have to book your Lufthansa airfare 14 days in advance and have to stay over in Europe for minimum one Saturday.

  • Miami to South America flights with LAN Airlines under $550

    LAN Airlines

    LAN Airlines Aircraft ©Pablo C.M./Flickr

    Travelgrove’s deal hunting editors really made an effort this week and found some cheap Miami to South America flights with LAN Airlines. Airfares are round-trip on economy class and prices start at $549 per person, including taxes and fees – a Saturday night overstay required.

    Booking must be completed till August 27; and travel dates must be between November 30 – December 10.

  • 4 Night Bahamas Cruise with Royal Caribbean from $229

    Monarch of the Seas

    Monarch of the Seas ship ©wikipedia

    Find below Travelgrove’s Top Cruise Deals for this week – selected and confirmed   by our experienced editors.

    Today’s best offer is a 4 nights Bahamas cruise on Royal Caribbean‘s Monarch of the Seas ship for as low as $229 per person (including taxes and fees, based on double occupancy). Being a round-trip itinerary, the cruse ship departs from and arrives to Port Canaveral, Florida.

  • The best small towns in Europe

    Wengen, photo by suedtirol.altoadige on Flickr

    Is the fast-paced life on mega-cities starting to grate on your nerves? The best remedy is a trip to urban spaces where people don’t mind slowing down for a bit, where you can still stop and smell the flowers, and the sky is visible without being obstructed by hundred story tall sky scrapers. Despite having its fair share of modern cities, old Europe retains much of its classic charm, especially if you spend some time in small towns that combine the peaceful atmosphere of the countryside with all the cultural and historical attractions that you would find in larger cities. Wind down and enjoy life’s small pleasures in some of the best small towns in Europe.

  • Remote Baltic islands you’ve (probably) never heard of

    Saaremaa, photo by Ekke on Flickr

    Islands like Bali, the Maldives, Fiji and other tropical wonders get all the attention on the travel scene, and even a few islands with temperate climate are quite popular with mainstream travelers as long as they are famous. But what about the scores of islands that are located in parts of the world that are slightly off the beaten path? The Baltic Sea is bordered by countries with huge touristic potential, like Denmark, Finland, Sweden or Germany, and sticking to dry land will reward you with amazing sights, but there is a bunch of islands scattered over the pond that are just as worthy of interest. If you want an island holiday that goes beyond the conventional, here are some remote Baltic islands you’ve (probably) never heard of.

  • The creepiest ghost towns in Europe

    Tyneham, photo by Claudia Gabriela Marques Vieira

    Most of the world’s famous ghost towns are what’s left of old, short-lived mining towns in the US and Canada which were abandoned once there was little ore left to find. But the towns you see in old Western movies are not the only kind of ghost towns around. Old Europe also has several sad tales of abandoned towns and villages that now lie empty but still intact. These ghost towns have been abandoned for various reasons, some tragic and some uninteresting, but the towns themselves are all worth a visit. Feel the past creep up behind your back while you visit some of the creepiest ghost towns in Europe.

  • Tips for roadtrips in Europe

    Many people who travel to Europe for the first time are amazed at how well train transport and bus transport in some countries work, and how easy a good public transport network makes it to take a tour of the continent. But trains and buses are only one side of the story, and there’s another way to go about vising Europe, or parts of it. I’m talking about roadtrips, of course, those long and sometimes tiring trips that are considered more than anything a rite of passage and a way to enjoy to the fullest the company of your friends (or yourself) and of seeing distant places at your own pace, without hurry or worries. If you love driving, then take a chance and discover the old continent though the windshield – and here are some tips for roadtrips in Europe that might help you.

  • A short guide to Hungarian cuisine

    photo by gran

    Every country in Eastern and Central Europe has some special about its cuisine, and although sometimes it can be difficult to pinpoint where a particular dish came from, there are a few foods that are emblematic of their countries. Hungary might be a small country, but its cultural heritage, as well as its cuisine, are not to be neglected. Nowadays, you can find traditional Hungarian restaurants and bakeries in most big cities, so here’s a short guide to Hungarian cuisine so that you’ll know what to order if you decide to try it out.

  • Best Easter markets in Europe

    If you don’t mind leaving your home for Easter, then you should definitely take advantage of this time of the year to visit some great Easter markets.

    In Europe, Easter traditions abound in every country, from delicious specialties served only at Easter time, to all sorts of customs.

    But the best part of the Easter holiday in Europe (at least for a tourist) are the Easter markets, where you can gorge yourself with great food, buy arts and crafts, listen to live music and have lots of fun.

    Here are some of the best Easter markets in Europe.


  • Trip to London that will not Break the Bank

    London is certainly one of the most popular cities in the world and unfortunately this enduring popularity means that enjoying a trip there can often be expensive. Fortunately, there are ways of enjoying a fantastic weekend in the capital of the UK without having to spend huge amounts of cash on travel, accommodation and attractions, and this whole process starts by finding one of the many low cost flights available to bring you into the city from your chosen local airport.

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