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  • Travel destinations with remarkable cuisine



    You’d have to have a pretty conservative and obstinate stomach in order to be able to travel without indulging in the offer of local dishes and delicacies. Food and food preparation is a huge part of most cultures, and sticking only to dishes that are ‘international’ or familiar to the palate would mean that you are missing out on an essential part of the travel experiences.

    And while most travelers are happy to enjoy the local fare as a bonus to seeing amazing new places, there are more than enough travel destinations that are worth visiting based on their cuisine alone. And if you’re worried that you won’t have much to do except to stuff yourself in these destinations, don’t worry, they all have more than their fare share of sights as well. Here are a few travel destinations with remarkable cuisine that is reason enough to visit them.

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  • The most beautiful train stations in Europe

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    There are many ways of traveling through Europe, and while railway travel is certainly not the fastest, it is one of the most comfortable and budget-friendly. Europe’s extensive railway network allows you to visit most of the continent (save for very remote areas), and to stop on the way as many times as you want.

    If you choose this kind of travel, you will naturally spend quite a lot of time in railway stations, and why not, even make them into a target of sightseeing. Some railway stations in Europe are beautiful enough to feature on a tourist circuit, so here’s a list of the most beautiful train stations in Europe.

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