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  • Top scariest theme park rides in the world

    Superman - Ride of Steel roller coaster

    Superman – Ride of Steel ©Martin Lewison/Flickr

    Theme parks are places where you can indulge in your childishness, eat candyfloss, take pictures of funny costumes, and last but not least, scare yourself half to death. Some theme park rides seem nice and friendly, but some of them are practically designed to terrify you.

    And if you are an adrenaline junkie who loves nothing more than a scary theme park ride, then you won’t think nothing of visiting some of the places on the following list. Prepare yourself for some bone-chilling horror, because here are the top 5 scariest theme park rides in the world.

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    Horrorwood, Janfusun Fancyworld, Douliu, Taiwan

    If you are going to Taiwan, the best way to give yourself a proper scare is to visit Janfusun Fancyworld’s appropriately named Horrorwood. The ride features recreations of famous scenes from horror movies, which where so effective that frightened visitors are sometimes known to hit the actors dressed in zombies or ghosts. Apparently, some people can’t take Hollywood’s brand of horror very well…

    Superman – Ride of Steel, Six Flags America, Mitchellville, Maryland

    Superman probably wasn’t afraid of heights, but the average human being, no matter how brave she or he is, will be hard pressed not to let out a small scream of horror when on this ride. This ride is not that new (it’s been operating since 2000), but it has had plenty of time to establish a reputation for being very scary.

    Even called the best roller coaster in the United States by some,  Superman – Ride of Steel can be as fast as 77 miles per hour. Among other highlights you can experience complete weightlessness for about 10 seconds in total throughout the ride and you will also drop over 220 feet into a tunnel at one point. This stuff is not for the faint of heart!

    Insanity, Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

    There couldn’t be a more fitting name for this ride: it is basically a giant centrifuge perched on top of the hotel, looming over the Strip in all it’s neon-colored glory at 900 feet. It spins at 40 miles per hour and at such crazy angles that you will feel like your a hair breadth’s away from plummeting into the pavement. People have been known to chicken out at the mere sight of this unbelievable ride.

    Insanity - The Ride in Las Vegas

    Insanity – The Ride ©Sarah_Ackerman/Flickr

    Not all the scariest rides are roller coasters as you can see, but that does not mean it is less frightening. Just imagine yourself spinning at that speed and angles down towards to streets of Vegas by as much as 70 degrees from that height…

    Eejanaika, Fuji-Q Highland Fujiyoshida, Japan

    Roughly translated, this ride’s name means ‘hey, what the hell?’, which is what goes through the heads of most people when they are not yet on it and it does not seem so scary… yet. This is one of the only two 4D rollercoasters in the world, which will not only rush you in the direction of the tracks, but will also spin you independently.

    In addition to that, this ride also has as many as 14 very scary turns, so you might find yourself screaming eejanaika together with the rest of the people on the ride.

    Eejenaika Fuji Q ride in Japan

    Eejenaika ride ©Jordi Sanchez Teruel/Flickr

    You will love – or not – the 360 degree turns of the ride where sometimes you are with your feet above your head. From the 250 feet height you will also be able to see Mount Fuji for a moment or two, but you would uselessly worry yourself with bringing a camera to take photos…

    Jumeirah Sceirah, Wild Wadi Water Park, Dubai

    If you ever wondered what it’s like to be weightless (and terrified while at it), try this speed slide that will hurtle you at speeds of 80 km per hour. As you slide down the chute, you can see the famous Jumeirah Hotel and the blue waters of the Arabian Sea, that is, if you can bear to open your eyes.

    The people of Dubai are famous for creating the most amazing things so you will surely be amazed by this ride too.

    And here are some extra rides you will surely be interested in if you liked the above 5, we have to add them as they are spectacular and you will surely love them:

    Fahrenheit Hersheypark Hershey, Pennsylvania

    Be prepared for the most amazing – or worse – 85 seconds of your lives, as that is the amount of time in which most of the action takes place on Fahrenheit. The ride has got the steepest negative drops in the US so far, not less than 97 degrees. Inverted corkscrew rolls, hills, high-speed banked curves, inverted loops and more are waiting for you at this 121 feet high coaster.

    Fahrenheit Hersheypark Hershey, Pennsylvania

    Fahrenheit Hersheypark Hershey ©Michael Gray/Flickr


    Tower of Terror Dreamworld Gold Coast, Australia

    If your roller-coaster loving self happens to be on the Gold Coast of Australia, the Tower of Terror is a must. This is the tallest and fastest ride you can find on the whole continent. You will probably have the most exciting moments of your life when the roller coaster falls down with you from 377 feet and you will experience not less than 6.5 seconds of zero gravity.

    Expedition Geforce, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

    Definitely the largest roller coaster in Europe, the Expedition Geforce takes you as high up in the sky as 204 feet and at some points the speed of the ride reaches 74 miles per hour. Ride offers seven moments of total weightlessness when you will feel that you are flying for just a fracture of a second.

    By this time you surely have an idea of which ride you want to try out first. Many of them are in the US, so they are easier to reach, but if you are traveling around the world you should also consider visiting the others.

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