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  • Autumn in New York: The best parks in the Big Apple

    Personally, I like autumn much better than any other season. The weather is mild, and there’s nothing better than a cup of hot coffee on a foggy morning, while you’re sitting on your favourite bench in your favourite park with everything shining gold and red around you. And one of the best places to be in autumn is definitely New York.

    The summer crowds have already left the city, and there are lots of activities and events that you can attend (and I’m not talking about Fashion Week here). We can start with a few of the most interesting parks in the Big Apple. So grab a bagel and some comfortable shoes, and let’s set out exploring!

    Prospect Park

    Many parks in New York have been designed by famous architects and landscapists, and despite the fact that they are the creations of humans, they look just as good as any natural wonder. Prospect Park’s watercourses are particularly attractive in autumn, and it was the intention of the park’s creators to design as many picturesque landscapes as possible.

    The Ravine District, located in the forest at the heart of the park, looks almost amazingly similar to what you can see in the Adirondacks. If you want to visit a park that will make you forget that you’re in the middle of a crowded city, Prospect Park is the place to go.

    Bryant Park

    If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Times Square, spend a few hours wandering around the winding alleys of Bryant Park. The custom made carousel and the open air library are the highlights of this peaceful park, where people essentially come to relax. As opposed to many other parks in New York, Bryant Park is almost completely crime free, despite the fact that it tends to be the most populated urban park in the world.

    Hudson River Park

    Hudson River Park is sprawls on the waterfront of Hudson River, and it is one of the best places to take bike tours in the city. Actually, there are lots of different activities available for the visitors of the park: there are tennis and soccer fields, batting cages, children’s playground, dog run, recreational piers, and many other features. If sports are your thing, an afternoon spent in Hudson River Park will make you feel in your element.

    Washington Square Park

    Washington Square Park has somewhat of a gruesome history (it used to be a cemetery and an execution site), but it is one of the most iconic parks in New York, nonetheless.

    The park is surrounded by buildings belonging to New York University, so it is a popular meeting place for students, but also a centre for various cultural activities. Washington’s Arch is the most well-known monument in the park, but there are many other statues scattered around.

    Madison Square Park

    Madison Square Park lies in the middle of a busy square, and it can’t exactly be called an oasis of peace and quiet. It is a cheerful and simple place, where you can dine on burgers and wine (courtesy of the Shake Shack), and enjoy some good old fashioned folk music on the backdrop of the gorgeous fall foliage.

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