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  • Where to get the best bagels in New York

    New York, the Big Apple, largest city in the US, a center for multiculturalism, media, arts, adventure, shopping and Sex and the City. There are so many things associated with New York that if you ask ten people about what they think is the most representative thing about the city, they will tell you about ten different things. But for people who think with their stomachs, New York is a Mecca of cuisines all over the world. If you ask me, I’ll tell you that I love New York for its bagels.

    Sounds silly, but only if you haven’t eaten a bagel in New York yet. Bagels are a subject of great debate among New Yorkers, and while some say that toasted bagels are the best, others swear by the fluffy freshly baked bagels you get straight from the oven. So for all you bagel-lovers, here’s the list of places that have the best bagels in New York.

    Daniel’s Bagels

    Located at only a few minutes from Grand Central, Daniel’s Bagels is the perfect stop on your way to some sightseeing attraction. They sell the small, fluffy kind of bagel (which seems to be the most popular in New York), and they won’t toast it for you even if you ask for it, but since they are hot and yummy all the time, there’s no need for it. The dense and at the same time soft consistency of these little marvels is more than enough to satisfy your craving. I heartily recommend the onion bagel, and try one of the scrumptious fruity Danishes too.

    H&H Bagels

    Within New York’s bagel culture, H&H are perhaps the most famous purveyors of your daily bagels. They have a great variety of bagels, classics such as sesame seeds, garlic and pumpernickel, to the deliciously aromatic blueberry and cinnamon raisin. These bagels are large, chewy and with a nice crust on top. There are no sandwiches or other breakfast foods at H&H, they specialize only in bagels, and judging by how delicious they make them, they are doing an awesome job of it.

    Murray’s Bagels

    Murray’s has two locations in NY (one in Greenwich Village and another one in Chelsea), but it’s essentially a small, traditional  shop. In addition to the bagels, they have an assortment of light dishes to accompany them. You can get fish platters (delicious mix of smoked fish and kippers), home-made flavored cream cheeses, lots of sandwiches, salads (served on bagels, or course), rugelach and fruit salads.


    Kossar’s specializes in bialys and bagels, and they managed to master both to perfection. The bialys are hand-baked from only the finest ingredients, using an age-old recipe. The bagels are something really special, because instead of sugra they contain malt syrup and they are kettle boiled before being baked to perfection, and some connoisseurs swear that these are the best bagels you can eat in New York.


    The bagels at Ess-a-bagel have been repeatedly voted as the best in the Tri-state area, and once you see them, smell them and taste them, you’ll know exactly why. In addition to the classical bagels, there are several surprising (and very compelling) flavors too: scallion cream cheese, jalapeno cream cheese, raisin walnut cream cheese, or sundried tomato cream cheese. Also, if you’ve still got space in your stomach, do try some of the amazing chick pea salad too.

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    stefan wrote on December 26, 2010:

    Bagels and donuts…
    I really could live in New York eating only those all the time.

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