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  • 5 amazing Christmas dishes from around the world

    Ethiopian Doro Wat, photo by stu_spivack on Flickr

    If you love food, then regardless of your beliefs, you probably have a soft spot for Christmas as well. Not because of the presents, decorations or carols, but because Christmastime is the time to bring you delicious recipes that you don’t get the chance to eat all year long.

    Evey country where Christmas is celebrated has its stock of Christmas dishes that are enjoyed during the holiday season. So if you’re planning on spending Christmas traveling, why not check out what kinds of dishes people around the world eat around that time? Here are 5 amazing Christmas dishes from around the world that will definitely give your palate a kick.

    Risalamande, Denmark

    Risalamande, photo by storebukkebruse on Flickr

    Despite its French sounding name (ris à l’amande, almond rice), this dessert is typical for a Danish Christmas feast. This delicious concoction based on rice pudding was invented in the 19th century, and since then it hasn’t left traditional Christmas tables in Denmark.

    The dish consists of rice pudding mixed with chopped almonds, whipped cream and vanilla, topped with sweet cherry sauce.

    Moros de guandules con coco, Dominican Republic

    Moros de guandules con coco sounds like a fancy dish, but it’s actually a simple, heartwarming dish that is valued for its delicate aromas. The dish is made using coconut rice and pigeon peas, thyme or oregano, coconut milk, chicken bouillon, sofrito and sometimes capers.

    Fish Soup, Hungary

    Fish soup, photo by hostelmanagement on Flickr

    The traditional spicy fish soup is eaten by Hungarian whenever they get the chance, but it also reign supreme on the Christmas menu. The soup can be prepared in several ways, either thick and creamy or clear with big chunks of fish, but in both varieties the soup is spicy and very filling.

    Doro Wat, Ethiopia

    Although the majority of the population is Muslim, there are Christian communities as well in Ethiopia, and therefore some interesting Christmas dishes as well.

    Doro Wat is made with chicken and hard boiled eggs, and eaten on injera bread from a communal bowl. Although the dish is often eaten outside the holidays too, it is an integral part of Christmas dinner in Ethiopia.

    Bibingka, Philippines

    Bibingka, photo by “highlimitzz” on Flickr

    Bibingka is a Christmas dessert that is eaten throughout the Christmas season. The basic ingredients of this cake are coconut milk, rice flour eggs and a variety of other ingredients, depending on regional variations.

    The preparation of this delicious cake is very time-consuming and laborious, but the resulting spongy cake is delicious, especially when served with sweet or savory toppings.

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