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  • Best after-Christmas holiday destinations

    Christmas is over, and many amateur travelers are still enjoying their holidays somewhere in the sun or maybe at a ski resorts, some of us probably haven’t had the chance to go on a trip yet. But just because you had some time off to pamper yourself during the holiday, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go on a trip too, especially if you stayed at home for Christmas.

    Another good reason for traveling after the holiday are the deals – now that most people have traveled to their heart’s content, some travel companies will lower their prices to attract more customers. So here are the best after-Christmas holiday destinations for anyone who feels like traveling in January.


    January is one of the best times of the year for visiting Cambodia. The gentle breezes work wonders in keeping the humidity levels down, and it doesn’t rain much. The beaches are a great destination in January, especially since the weather can be quite hot. January 7 is also the Victory over the Khmer Rouge Day, so you can expect large celebrations around that time.

    Hong Kong

    If you don’t fancy sightseeing in the stifling heat of summer, you should take advantage of the mild January temperatures to visit Hong Kong. The pretty much constant temperature of 19 degrees Celsius is perfect for visiting the landmarks of Hong Kong, or exploring some of the hiking trails. It might be a bit cold to take a swim, but the beaches are quiet in this period and they’re great for walks. Chinese New Year is celebrated on February 3, so if you’re in Hong Kong at the time, you’ll be in for a treat.


    Morocco has the perfect weather for a winter getaway, especially if you live in temperate areas the rest of the year. You can either embark on a cultural journey by visiting ancient archaeological sites and historical places, or just enjoy the colorful atmosphere of the capital, Marrakesh. Since winter is low season in Morocco, accommodation will be cheaper than usually, and you won’t have trouble finding rooms at the hotel of your choice.

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico is a fun and exciting destination all year round, and San Juan is the right place for you if you like colonial towns. San Juan is not as sleepy and quiet as people think, and despite the fact that it isn’t very big, there is a lot of variety in this place. There are plenty of trendy boutiques, glamorous restaurants, charming historical buildings and monuments.

    Las Vegas

    Las Vegas is one of those destinations where you don’t necessarily need much spending money in order to have fun. Unless you plan on trying your luck at a casino, you can do tons of stuff for free. The blinding lights of the city, the endless music and entertainment are not the recipe for a relaxing holiday, but it will definitely be a lot of fun.

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    jeff TgAvatar
    jeff wrote on December 31, 2010:

    I’d prefer Las Vegas than Cambodia…

    Globester TgAvatar
    Globester wrote on January 4, 2011:

    Ya!!!! during these days weather of Morocco is really good..i suggest everyone to visit this place once…

    Peter wrote on January 5, 2011:

    Since Cambodia is on top of this post, I wanted to share some info about Angkor Wat.

    I have written an extensive comment about how not to get ripped off at Angkor Wat. You should probably read this one, because Angkor can be quite a shock for the average traveler:

    villa ibiza TgAvatar
    villa ibiza wrote on January 21, 2011:

    i like the post a lot…i went Hong Kong sometime before…and this city is very beautiful ..everybody should visit here once a time…

    Emma Tameside TgAvatar
    Emma Tameside wrote on July 10, 2012:

    A much needed informative article. I happen to love a traditional Christmas, the big tree, snow on the ground, and of course the many, many lights. Although I admit it can be great to get away from it all afterward. Hong Kong most certainly took my fancy, it seems to have a beautiful culture. I have no doubt either that the cuisine is out of this world! Las Vegas of course looks great, all those lights and endless entertainment couldn’t go a miss.

    At the moment, I’m just having a look around, building up ideas for where to travel after Christmas. I have planned to visit the Nuremberg Christmas Markets 2012 with the family. Might suggest Hong Kong afterward!

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