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  • Top 5 great but underrated destinations in South America

    Quime, photo by Hummingbird

    South American destinations like Rio, Buenos Aires or Sao Paolo are popular and usually swarming with tourists, so it’s easy to forget how many other great destinations there are in South America.

    The most well known countries might have has the most number of tourist destinations, but the remaining South American countries have quite a few attractions of their own. In short, there are many underrated destinations on the continent which don’t get as much attention as they deserve, but on the other hand they are the perfect holiday spot for tourists who prefer their destinations less ‘touristy’. So here are the top 5 great but underrated destinations in South America.

    Colonia, Uruguay

    photo by Josiah Mackenzie

    Colonia, as the name suggests, is a colonial town, and in fact its colonial heritage is so well preserved and extensive that the town earned the title of Unesco World Heritage Site. The colonial buildings and the cobbled streets make this town very walkable and it doesn’t take more than a day to explore it on foot.

    However, there are many attractions in the city that deserve more than a cursory look: nine small museums, a lighthouse, a former bullfighting ring, Basilica del Sanctísimo Sacramento and other sights.


    With its small towns, remote villages and untouched rain forest, Guyana is one of the most exciting eco-tourism destinations in the world. You won’t find any bustling big city life in this country, but that doesn’t mean that things get boring around Guyana. Visit Georgetown for museums, buildings and such, but head out into the countryside to get away from it all and see some amazing natural wonders (Kaieteur Falls are a must-see).

    Paramaribo, Surinam

    Surinam’s capital is more than a quaint mix between Dutch culture, indigenous culture and several other immigrant cultures – it evolved into something unique.

    The streets of Paramaribo are distinctly colonial, the food is Surinamese cuisine at its best (Chinese, Dutch, and indigenous combinations), and there are quite a few things to see, both traditional attractions like museums, and unusual ones, like the Chinese jeweler’s street or rummaging through the flea market.

    Quime, Bolivia

    This moutain town hidden in a lush green Bolivian valley is like a hidden gem in the Andes, and some people consider it as a sort of Shangri-La of Bolivia. The whole area is spectacularly beautiful, but since it’s seldom included in brochures ans guide-books, many travelers don’t even know it exists.

    Asuncion, Paraguay

    photo by Christian Van der Henst

    The capital of Paraguay, Asuncion, just like the entire country, is a place of contrasts. Although there aren’t many traditional tourist attractions in the city, Asuncion has a certain magical atmosphere that envelops you as soon as you arrive. Asuncion is also one of the cheapest capitals in the world, so for little money you can have a lot of fun.

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