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  • Top 10 Chateaux at The Loire Valley


    Chenonceau chateaux ©KAROLOS TRIVIZAS/flickr

    The Loire Valley can be easily considered a top destination. If you hang out in France you should definitely check the entire Valley since it offers you a quintessential taste of France. Each of these chateaus have their own history and characteristics.

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    The Loire Valley chateaus are the synonym of Renaissance and there are more than 20 you should visit. However the central part of the Valley is the most intriguing. It is between Sully-sur-Loire and Chalonnes where you can find the most out of common chateaus.

    The main towns of the Loire Valley are Amboise, Angers, Blois, Chinon, Orleans, Saumur and Tours which you may find very beautiful and also interesting with fine architecture and cuisine.

    10. Montsoreau

    Daniel Jolivet/flickr

    Montsoreau ©Daniel Jolivet/flickr

    Montsoreau has a marvelous view of the Loire river and is a fine example of a French town. While less known compared to Chenonceau, Chambord or Azay-le-Rideau, it is still  a must visit destination.

    9. Chaumont


    Chaumont ©flo21/flickr

    This is the oldest of the castles of the Loire Valley. It was built in the 10th century by the Count of Blois called Odo I. However it was destroyed and was rebuilt in the 15th century by Charles I d’Amboise.

    8. Blois


    Blois ©cercamon/flickr

    Like the town itself, the chateaux of Blois is exceptionally beautiful and has probably the finest art museum in the Loire Valley. This is the most complex palace in the Valley as several buildings were constructed surrounding the courtyard from the 13th to the 17th century.

    Definitely you haven’t visited properly the Valley if you haven’t stopped in Blois since both the chateau and the town are breathtaking.

     7. Cheverny

    Benh LIEU SONG/flickr

    Cheverny ©Benh LIEU SONG/flickr

    I would describe this beautiful chateau as powerful, appealing and endless. A “not to be missed” destination. It offers you its own charm and history that will surely flabbergast you. Unlike most of it’s kind of the Loire Valley, this castle was constructed and completed in the 17th century, much later than the other ones.

    6. Sully-sur-Loire

    Daniel Jolivet/flickr

    Sully-sur-Loire ©Daniel Jolivet/flickr

    This is one of the most famous chateaus in the Loire Valley. It has a reputation of delightful appearance and vast history. It is situated near the commune with its namesake Sully-sur-Loire.

    5. Azay-le-Rideau


    Azay-le-Rideau ©Paucal/flickr

    This gorgeous chateaux is like a fairy tale castle, it is situated on a little island. Constructed between 1518 and 1527, due to being very picturesque with outstanding history, it is one of the most exciting castle to visit in the Loire Valley.

    4. Chambord

    Olivier Bacquet/flickr

    Chambord ©Olivier Bacquet/flickr

    Mighty, charismatic and outstanding, make sure to check out this chateau. Like most Chateaus of the Loire Valley it was constructed in the 16th century. It can be considered as an example of a great beauty and history. It is said that this palace is the most distinctive as it features both French medieval architecture and Renaissance elements.

    3. Amboise

    Daniel Jolivet/flickr

    Amboise ©Daniel Jolivet/flickr

    The Amboise Chateaux is known for having one of the best (if not the best) views in the Valley. The building is also one of the oldest, being completed in the 15th century. It has also an impressive garden with a cute little chapel where also you may have a great view. The town of Amboise has a typical French easy going and one of a kind charm that you shouldn’t miss.

    2. Villandry


    Villandry ©georges/flickr

    This chateaux has the most beautiful and unique garden of all the chateaus of the Loire Valley. The land where the castle lies today once was an ancient fortress until the 16th century when the chateaux was built.  The well preserved garden itself is technically a huge maze filled with beautiful flowers, bushes and trees.

    This is the place where are your expectations of a garden would be fulfilled.

    1. Chenonceau

    Benh LIEU SONG/flickr

    Chenonceau Chateaux ©Benh LIEU SONG/flickr

    Out of all chateaus of the entire Loire Valley, I consider this to be the most beautiful and exemplary.This exceptional chateau is situated near the village with the same name called Chenonceau.

    Although It was already mentioned in the 11th century, the current building was built in the 16th century. The whole structure was built in Gothic and early French Renaissance style and it is also the symbol of the Age of Enlightenment. Chenonceau also has an extraordinary museums which hosts collections and paintings from painters like Murillo, Le Tintoret and Nicolas Poussin.


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