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  • Where to celebrate Easter in 2012

    Rio de Janeiro, photo by Jorje Andrade

    April is still a long way off, but when planning a trip it’s never too early to start thinking about where to go, when to go, and to snoop out any possible deals for accommodation and travel. This is the perfect time to look at some possible destinations for Easter if you don’t want to spend it at home. In many parts of the world that celebrate Easter there are numbers of interesting holiday customs and traditions that make a trip interesting even for non-religious folks. So here are some suggestions on where to celebrate Easter in 2012.

  • 5 reasons to visit Panama

    Panama Canal, photo by wytze on Flickr

    The thin sliver of land that connects the North and South American continents is slowly emerging as one of the most exciting and fresh tourist destinations of the decade, not surprising seeing as Panama has all the best points of Central America, crammed in one place: vibrant city life, lush jungle with interesting wildlife, natural wonders, beaches and bits of native culture that weren’t destroyed by colonization. The “Crossroads of America” hasn’t acquired its fame merely by chance – there are good reasons why any traveler should seriously consider visiting Panama even when the offer in Central America is quite varied. So what does this small country have to offer that makes it better than its competitors? Here are 5 reasons to visit Panama.

  • A backpacker’s guide to Bangladesh

    Dhaka, photo by joiseyshowaa on Flickr

    Officially, Bangladesh has only existed for about 40 years, but the history of this small country goes back for thousands of years. Located in the shadow of its much more famous and/or powerful neighbors India and Myanmar, Bangladesh is another one of those countries that no one tends to hear much about except when disaster strikes. And as poor and insignificant as Bangladesh might be on the international political scene, but it has lovely scenery, national parks where tigers roam, huge mangrove forests, countless mosques and the longest beach in the world. The best way to experience all of this is not in the comfort of a tour, but by getting down and dirty with only a backpack and a map. Here is a backpacker’s guide to Bangladesh for travelers who yearn for adventure.

  • Tourist attractions in Uzbekistan

    Samarkand, photo by Fabio Achilli

    Uzbekistan is not a name that you often hear associated with traveling, or with anything at all actually. Like its fellow Central Asian countries Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan seems to quietly mind its own business without bothering anyone. But those who dabble in ancient and medieval history, or even the tales of the Arabian nights have surely bumped into mentions of Samarkand, Khiva or Bukhara which have reigned supreme in Asia in the times of the Silk Road. Uzbekistan present treasures are the legacy of an exciting past. That is not to say tht the country’s recent history has been devoid of interesting happenings – a string of authoritarian rulers and civil unrest. But for the curious traveler, Uzbekistan is a treasure trove and here’s a taste of some of the most interesting tourist attractions in Uzbekistan.

  • The creepiest haunted castles in the world

    Leap Castle, photo by Mike Searle

    Hauntings are a matter of debate, but haunted castle are definitely not. Whether or not you believe in such things, there are lots of people in the world who claim that their castles (their personal ones, or just the ones they happen to live near), have some uninvited guests of the supernatural kind. It’s not even necessary to believe in ghosts to get a chill down your back when you visit a haunted castle, because the stories themselves are enough to creep you out. These dark and gloomy halls will do their best to satisfy anyone’s obsession with ghouls, and if not, at least you get to scoff at those who are convinced that an errant gust of wind is actually a ghost behind their backs. Next time you feel like watching a horror movie, why not go to the real thing and visit some of the creepiest haunted castles in the world?

  • Top 5 stilt house villages in the world


    Tai O, photo by Sue Waters

    For someone who has lived their entire life in a suburban house with a white picket fence, it could seem unimaginable that anyone would want to live in any other dwelling. But different cultures had different understandings of what a home should look like, and in many parts of the world people have lived and still live in houses that make a suburban home seem like the most unimaginative crib in the world. And one of the most unusual and exciting places to live (at least, if you aren’t afraid of water) is a stilt house, which has been the house of choice for people in different places on the globe. If the thought of living in an apartment suspended on stilts above water sounds like a lot of fun to you, then you will definitely like visiting the top 5 stilt house villages in the world.

  • 5 luxury travel destinations which are actually affordable

    photo by Lee Coursey on Flickr

    Some people like to travel rough, with only minimal luggage stuff in a battered backpack, a tiny budget and a taste for adventure. But even the most passionate alternative lifestyle-adept independent traveler will have to admit that she or he has dreamed at least once of stepping into the shoes of luxury travelers – ditch the tiring all-nighter trips, crowded hostels and cheap food, and soak in a spa, sleep in lavish beds and be waited on hand and foot. But although five-star hotels and first class flights are still the domain of the rich traveler, even the average tourist can afford some luxury in some great destinations around the world. Here are 5 luxury travel destinations which are actually affordable.

  • Top 5 adventure travel destinations in India

    Gulmarg, photo by Lev Yakupov

    India has long been a hotspot for independent travelers, backpackers and nomads, but what about those who like cultural travel with a sideĀ  of adrenaline? If you’re one of those people who find it unthinkable to travel without doing something crazy or extreme, then you will not be disappointed with India. This huge country has a diversity of amazing art, culture and cuisine, but it doesn’t come up short in the case of adventure travel opportunities either. Whether you’re already an Indiana Jones clone or if you are just starting to explore your adventurous side, India has the perfect places for you. Here are top 5 adventure travel destinations in India where you can live for the moment and find some excitement.

  • Solo travel tips: getting used to traveling alone

    photo by Angela Granger

    For those who are used to traveling in groups, with friends or family, solo travel can sound like a cross between a nightmare and the biggest adventure of their lives. But traveling alone is nowhere near the tragedy it might seem to be the first time. Solo travelers from around the world have found the way to enjoy themselves while traveling alone and make more of their holiday than even when they’re traveling with other people. There are many advantages to solo travel – making up your own schedule, visiting whatever you like without making compromises, meeting a lot of locals and fellow travelers and learning to rely on yourself. But traveling alone can get lonely, and the solo travel blues can really ruin the trip of a lifetime. But all you need are some solo travel tips: getting used to traveling alone is not impossible, after all.

  • A traveler’s guide to budget road trips

    Road trips used to be one of the most affordable kinds of travel in past – all you needed was a car (your own or borrowed), money for gas and a road map. But road trips are no longer the rebellion of choice of hip teenagers looking for adventure and freedom. In fact, road trips are not that cheap anymore either, considering the price of gas. And yet, a road trip is an iconic travel experience, something that should be done at least in a lifetime, and not only by youngsters preparing to go off to college. If you are afraid that going on a road trip will cost you more money than it’s worth, then you might want to read this traveler’s guide to budget road trips which could help make your trip more affordable.

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