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  • The most impressive sand dunes in the world

    Even if you haven’t yet ‘met’ a sand dune in person, you’ve surely seen them in movies or documentaries, and you’ve probably also imagined how if feels to trudge through the hot sand and seeing nothing around except for never-ending dunes. Sounds like a scene from a thriller?

    Not all sand dunes are that scary, and besides, who didn’t like to play in the sand as a kid? There are lots of places in the world where you can take a look at sand dunes, and even build a sand castle is you feel like it. Here are the most impressive sand dunes in the world.

    Akrotiri Sand Dune, Lemesos, Cyprus

    Akrotiri Peninsula is located on the southernmost point of Cyprus, and apart from Akrotiri Salt Lake, one of the highlights of the region, the sand dunes are quite interesting too. The dunes are located on the coastline, they are quite low, and even if you might think that there aren’t that many animals living there, its wildlife is quite rich. There are roads and paths among the dunes, so it’s possible to walk around without any trouble (just make sure not to wear sandals).

    photo by geofrog

    Tottori Sand Dunes, Japan

    There aren’t many sand dune systems in Japan, but Tottori is the largest of them. As a matter of fact, the Tottori dunes are a unique phenomenon, and were created by sediment deposits carried from the Ch?goku Mountains by the Sendai River. Millions of tourists every year visit dunes, so the dunes are shrinking steadily.

    The Great Dune of Pyla, Bordeaux, France

    photo by Milan.s

    There is largest known sand dune in Europe, and a pretty impressive one at that. The dune is perched at 107 m above sea level, it is 500 m wide and 3 km long, and if you look at it from above, it looks like a sand box surrounded by lush forests. The dune is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, and from the top, the view is very impressive: ocean coast, the inlet of the Bay, the large pine forest.

    Beaver Dunes State Park, Oklahoma

    Beaver Dunes State Park has 300 acres of sand dunes, sand hills and hiking trails, a playground and two campgrounds, plus the Beaver Lake. You can book a buggy ride through the park, which is more exciting than it sounds. If you like fishing, you will love this park not only for its dunes, but for the excellent fishing spots on the lake.

    photo by Alexandre Machado

    Genipabu , Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

    Genipabu is an amazing beach that was featured on countless postcards, and it also has a pretty impressive dne complex. The natural beauty of Genipabu is its main attraction, but the dromedary rides aren’t bad either. The huge dunes and clear lagoon draw lots of tourists every year, so there are plenty of hotels and resorts in the area.

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    MadSuh wrote on March 21, 2011:

    If you want to see beautiful Sand Dunes in the US, go see the Pink & Red Coral Sand Dunes near Zion’s National Park. I thought those were pretty amazing

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