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  • The most idyllic cruises in the world

    A few decades ago, cruises were something that mostly the rich and famous did on their vacation, but not so much the ordinary traveler. Nowadays, fortunately, cruises are much more affordable, and you can easily find various cruise deals that are not more expensive than a regular holiday.

    While there is no shortage of cruise routes you can choose from, some of them have been around for a long while and they have an almost iconic status. So since some cruises are better than others, here are some that you  might be interested in: the most idyllic cruises in the world.

    Greek Islands

    The Greek isles and the sea surrounding them seem custom made for cruises. The mild Mediterranean weather is perfect for boat trips, and you can spend your time on deck enjoying the sun and the gentle sea breeze, and visiting ports of call with attractions unique to Greece, like ruins of temples, acropolises, pristine beaches and picturesque villages.

    There are countless cruise providers that offer trips to the Greek islands, and some of the main destinations are Mykonos, Santorini, Kusadasi and Bodrum.

    Southeast Asia

    Colorful, exciting and breath-takingly beautiful, Southeast Asia has so many amazing cruise routes that you don’t even know where to begin. Each cruise can show you a completely different side of Southeast Asia, from cosmopolitan and crowded Hong Kong to calm and scenic Hanoi or the vibrant beach town of Phuket.

    There are cruises to Southeast Asia all year round, some luxurious and exclusive, others affordable and simple – but in any case, you get to see some incredible places.


    The Norwegian fjords are a marvelous sights any way you look at them, but the truth is that they look best when you’re standing on the deck of a ship and can see them slowly melting into the ocean.

    Norway with its over 1500 miles of craggy, jagged coastline is a perfect setting for a cruise. Some of the most popular ports are Bergen, Stavanger and Lofoten Islands.

    Eastern Caribbean

    The Caribbeans are the cruise destination par excellence, but there is so much of them to see that it’s impossible to cram in all the most exciting destinations into one cruise trip. The Eastern Caribbean includes scenic places like Dominica and the British Virgin Islands, with their small islands and forgotten pirate coves, traditions and interesting culture.

    South Pacific

    The islands of the South Pacific have been a source of fascination for centuries, and it’s easy to see why artists like Paul Gauguin fell in love with this part of the world.

    Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora or Raiatea are wonderful places full of mystery and natural beauty, where you can feel like you’ve found a paradise on earth. Cruises in South Pacific are the best way of seeing as many of these places as possible.

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