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  • The most romantic islands in the world

    Usually, when it comes to romantic holiday, it’s difficult for people to come to a consensus. What might seem awully romantic for someone (say, rock climbing together with your significant other), for others might seem like a destination that should best be enjoyed with your mates.

    But when it comes to tropical islands, the general opinion is the same: the make the best romantic holiday destinations ever. Just think of watching the sunset with your partner while sipping a cocktail out of a coconut shell, suntanning under the shade of a palm tree or those long walks on the beach. So here is our list of the most romantic islands in the world.

    Raiatea, Society Islands, French Polynesia

    Gauguin knew very well that the overseas territories of France, especially French Polynesia, are like a paradise on earth. It is just like you would combine the most alluring exotic island with an elegant little French town. A combination of the two most romantic things on earth, Raiatea is sure to fill your brain with little flying pink hearts.

    Explore the spectacular ruins of  hearth of the ancient colonizers of Hawaii, or snorkel and dive. The only drawback of this island is the fact that food is quite expensive, but you can replace eating out with a romantic home-cooked meal.


    Bali is unequivocally one of the archetypal island paradises on the planet, and what makes it even more fascinating is the culture. If you happen to get bored of beaches and coconut cocktails (and if you and your significant other are more artistically inclined from the start), you can spend a good few romantic tete-a-tetes discussing the merits of Bali’s amazing temples.

    Our recommendation is that you visit Ubud, an inland town that is peaceful and quiet, removed from the usual debauchery of the beach resorts.


    The beauty of Fiji is that there are so many tiny, almost uninhabited islands on this archipelago that you can almost imagine that you and your loved one are stranded on a desert island, Blue Lagoon style. While there are plenty of beach resorts in the popular tourist areas, you can also find more isolated, quiet spots where you can pretty much be alone. Long walks on the beach area always so much better when you are the only two people actually walking on the beach.

    Seychelles Islands

    These islands in the Indian Ocean can offer both bustling resorts and peaceful spots, so no matter your inclination, you can ind a place that suits you. Most of the islands in Seychelles are uninhabited, and while it might be difficult to visit them (and to stay on them, unless you are a Robinson Crusoe style adventurer), Le Digue, one of the smallest islands in the group, will make a good substitute. Le Digue has enough tourist facilities to make your life easier, but not so many as to detract from the original charm and flavor of the island.

    Cook Islands

    The Cook Islands in Polynesia are beautiful, and most importantly, they are not crowded at all. They almost feel like the remotest edge of the world, especially since between them and Antarctica there’s no more known land.

    Some people like to compare Cook Islands with Hawaii before it was turned into one huge tourist resort. Pick either the island of  Rarotonga or Aitutaki, since they are the most populated (although with 15,000 inhabitants on the entire archipelago, nothing is crowded in the Cook Islands).

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