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    Madeira view near Funchal

    Madeira view ©David Stanley/Flickr

    There are loads of good reasons why you should make the island of Madeira one of your next travel destinations. The archipelago belongs to Portugal, but it is somewhat closer to the shores of Morocco in north Africa,less than 400 km north of Tenerife. Madeira has got a mild summer climate all year round which means that travelers can admire breathtaking flora and fauna any time they arrive. And one more huge plus is that even the cities have virtually no crime which makes Madeira one of the safest destinations in the world. Check out some must see and must do things if you decide to visit this beautiful piece of the earth. 

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    Things you must see on Madeira

    Park in Funchal, Madeira

    Funchal park ©David Stanley/Flickr

    As you will probably arrive to the capital of Madeira first. you must take a tour around Funchal. The city is not large, so you can see it even in one day, but it has amazing architecture and a colorful and lively market in the heart of Old Town. Do not miss the Rua de Santa Maria with its beautiful painted doors and sculptures.

    You can also go on a whale and dolphin watching boat trip near the shores of Madeira and see these majestic animals swimming right next to you. While enjoying the sea view you can see a variety of sea birds and maybe even one of the about 40 monk seals on the Desertas Islands.

    Another thing you must see is the view from the Cabo Girao Skywalk, the second highest cliff skywalk in all the world with its 589 m of height. The skywalk has got glass floors so you can feel stepping onto the nothing while you enjoy the breathtaking view.

    You also have the possibility to rent a car on the island and discover each square foot of it for yourself. Visit the small villages and and the most hidden little forests and manage your time under your own terms. If you travel in late April, you can also participate in the annual Madeira Flower Festival in Funchal. If you like flowers and beautiful flora, you should go to the Botanical Gardens of the capital’s Quinta do Bom Succeso on the hillside and see nearly all the island.

    Madeira’s must do things

    Laurisilva forest

    Laurisilva forest ©anaga17/Flickr

    You must definitely take a hiking tour among the levadas of the Laurisilva forest of madeira, which is the largest in the world. Levadas are irrigation channels transferring water from the mountains and it goes through the lush vegetation of the area. It is a beautiful way to the top of the mountain and is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.

    Madeira also has something really special, in the North West of the island, in the village of Porto Moniz you can swim in natural swimming pools filled with the salty water of the ocean. It is the comfort of a pool and the wild ocean combined together!

    You do not necessarily need the ocean to be able to dive with rays, sharks and the most exotic fish. The 500,000 liters Madeira Aquarium providers great salty water for those who want to experience the sea – without the sea to be present. It is a truly great experience as you can be sure to see lots of creatures of the water in one place.

    Paragliding is also a very popular activity on Madeira. While trying it you can admire the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the wold cliffs and greenery of the island on the other. If you further want to raise your pulse see the island from an eagle’s view with one of the cable car rides of Madeira. One of the most recommended ones is 15 minutes long and starts from Almirante in Old Funcha and goes all the way up to the Monte.

    Did we help you decide to add this beautiful archipelago on your 2015 must visit list? Get yourself a cheap flight to Portugal and visit Madeira this year. Note that TAP Portugal is the flag carrier airline of the country so try searching on their site, they might be cheaper than other companies.

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