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  • Qatar Airways flights to the Middle East under $1000 r/t

    View of Sharja

    View of Sharja ©marviikad/Flick

    If you want to visit the Middle East this spring, you might be interested in the flight deals that our team found you from the U.S. to Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, which is close to Dubai as well. Book now your Qatar Airways flights to the Middle East under $1000 r/t and save money. We will present you three flight deals from March, April and May.

  • Dubai holidays with Virgin Holidays: explore the jewel of the Middle East

    Dubai beach

    Dubai beach ©keithusc/Flickr

    This year, why not explore somewhere truly exotic, by visiting Dubai? The perfect holiday destination for families or frequent travellers, Dubai has something to offer everyone.

    Travellers looking for places to go in Dubai should take a walk into Satwa, the Indian and Filipino district for some delicious cuisine, and peruse market stalls selling a variety of jewellery and fabrics. Pop into the historical district of Bur Dubai and dine in one of their many floating restaurants. You can also browse the many spice souks in Dubai’s old financial centre of Deira.

    If you’re after a more rural experience, you can explore the Middle East’s endless desert in a 4×4 jeep with frequent tours taking place out of the city each day. Or why not take a stroll along Dubai’s many beautiful beaches? There’s just so much to explore!

  • Unusual table manner tips from around the world

    photo by Sergio Russo on Flickr

    If you were ever been constantly told to mind your table manners, especially when you’re at someone else’s place, you can forget this piece of advice when you’re traveling. In fact, being careful with dining etiquette is very important when abroad, but when you’re in a country whose culture is very different from your own, one of the first things you have to do if forget the dos and don’ts that you learned as a kind. In a foreign country, the food might not be the only thing that’s different – the way you have to eat it is also unexpected. So if you want to avoid looking like a barbarian next time you’re dining out in a foreign country, here are some unusual table manner tips.

  • A traveler’s guide to Bahrain

    Manama, photo by abcdz2000 on Flickr

    Countries in the Middle East have fascinating cultures and histories, but Western travelers are often put off by cultural differences and strict laws. If you avoided visiting Saudi Arabia because you weren’t sure you would be able to stick to the local norms, then Bahrain is definitely a better choice with the same benefits. This small Middle Eastern country has all the Arabian charm you ever wanted, spiced up with a hefty dose of liberalism.  Bahrain is a treasure trove for the curious explorer – it’s not all sand, shallow water and lovely beaches, but also ancient historical sites, old forts, interesting museums and a flurry of nightlife and shopping center. Here’s a traveler’s guide to Bahrain for those planning a holiday in this intriguing country.

  • Top 5 sights in Saudi Arabia

    Abha, photo by marviikad on Flickr

    Mentions of Saudi Arabia usually conjure up mixed feelings in people. The tales of the Arabian Nights with their lush exoticism are tied to the desert lands and rich cities of Saudi Arabia, as well as grim stories of social and political repression. But if you can get past the misgivings (and manage to obtain a notoriously difficult to get travel visa), Saudi Arabia will most definitely surprise you. The home of natural wonders like deserts with dunes the size of buildings, exotic animals, and inspiring historical sites, Saudi Arabia is definitely not the most liberal and accepting travel destinations, but worth a bit of effort if you don’t mind conforming to local norms and customs. So here are top 5 sights in Saudi Arabia.

  • The backpacker’s guide to Lebanon


    Beirut, photo by austinevan

    Lebanon is not what most people imagine the Middle East is like. This small country is green and mountainous, sand dune-less and modern, with great care invested in preserving its rich historical heritage. Lebanon hasn’t always been a perfect place for a holiday, but there’s no doubt about it today: if you want to go to the Middle East, start with Lebanon. Friendly people, cities with great nightlife, loads of historical sites ranging from the old to the very old, and an incredible cuisine, make Lebanon irresistible. What’s more, Lebanon can be visited on a budget, so here’s a backpacker’s guide to Lebanon.

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