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  • May Monthly Contest Winner

    So, we’re in our second month of our contest and things are looking up, you guys have really turned the Travelgrove community into a nicer place. Some of the greatest contributors include Diana, Erato (also known in some circles as the Hedgehog catcher), Bicksa and Ultimatetravel, which was ultimately the one to lift the trophy. Well ok, there wasn’t much to lift, but that’s the idea with the iPod Nano, it’s sleek and small and cute and useful.

    Ultimatetravel has been an awesome contributor to our community for some time now, so the congratulations are well in order, but let’s not forget the other guys and girls that make us feel more at home here with each passing day. A special shout goes out to lifecruiser who came in blazing, spreading free drinks to everyone.

    Last but not least, while these last two monthly contests were a good start, we’re really looking forward to upping the ante, so this month we’ll be offering the now traditional iPod, a 10.2 Mega Pixel Samsung digital camera and a 7″ Digital Frame.

    Looking forward to seeing you in the community section


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    Lifecruiser Travel Blog wrote on June 5, 2009:

    Thanks & Cheers everyone! I just came home from a graduation party to hear about this, so now the Champagne is very suitable! *giggles*

    Here to the winner! Congratulations x millions!

    It can be a bit difficult to get travel forums really active, since the users mostly are out traveling and maybe not so active online all the time.

    So far, I really love Travelgroves community, it has a certain cozy atmosphere :-)

    tudi wrote on June 5, 2009:

    Thanks lifecruiser, we’re glad you’re cozy here :) I know what you mean about the travel communities, but we’re working hard on improving ourselves and the infrastructure of the site, so we have high hopes for the (near) future.

    As you can see, we’ve already started applying our sneaky tactics to bring more activity: giving away stuff, luring people in the community with cute hedgehog pictures and so forth 😉

    Ultimatetravel TgAvatar
    Ultimatetravel wrote on June 5, 2009:

    I just got home from my 2-day vacation in Kawasan falls again (both hubby and I loved this place) and from white sand beach also. Will post pictures of our adventure.

    Checked my email just now and received the good news! Wow! I mean it all paid off after all the efforts I have done and posting galleries and then articles. Can’t wait to receive my Ipod Nano! Wohoooo!

    @ Lifecruiser: Thanks for the champagne and the congratulations! I really do appreciate it much.

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