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bicska is 'Aber keiner von den grossen Leuten wird jemals verstehn, dass das eine so grosse Bedeutung hat!' on Jan 20, 2010

May 2, 1988
Home town:
Oradea, Romania
countries visited:
Hungary, Romania, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland
favorite places:
london, praha, bern

Native language:English Occupation:Creative Manager Interests:art, travel, friends Slogan:happy&realistic Description: art`s, photographies, architecture, paints, music, films, countries, travel, peoples, friends, ideas, books, worlds, creativity and more 
Languages:English, German, Romanian Eye color:brown Hair Color:light brown Height:5'2" / 160cm Weight:111lbs / 50kg Smoke:no Religion:buddhist Favorite cities:london, praha, bern Favorite books:katalin utca Favorite movies:trainsppotting Favorite music:rock, jazz, classical 

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I'm living in Bern , by bicska

I'm living in Bern

 (images 1188)
"I'll live in this lovely town for one year. It's a fantastic city. "
Last updated on Feb 27, 2010

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1. Short vacation in Oradea (added on Oct 15, 2009)
2. London is the best place to visit (added on Aug 30, 2009)
3. Traveling to Bern (added on Aug 30, 2009)
4. Theatres and museums in London (added on Aug 29, 2009)
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Bicska's Travel Tips

1. 'Fastnacht' - Bern, Switzerland (added on Feb 27, 2010)
2. Really good italian food - Milan, Italy (added on Sep 10, 2009)
3. London Eye - London, United Kingdom (added on Sep 1, 2009)
4. National museum - the worl in pictures - Prague, Czech Republic (added on Aug 29, 2009)
5. Try the London Eye - London, United Kingdom (added on Aug 29, 2009)
6. Nature park thun - Thun, Switzerland (added on Aug 29, 2009)
7. hotel Restaurant Alpha-Thun - Thun, Switzerland (added on Aug 29, 2009)
8. Chine restaurant - Bern, Switzerland (added on Aug 29, 2009)

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