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  • Latin America as a medical tourism destination

    Medicine costs

    Medicine costs ©Images_of_Money/Flickr

    This very interesting segment of the travel industry called medical tourism was created by high and rising health care costs in the United States. According to the organization called Patients Beyond Borders, medical travel is a circa $40 billion year business in a year…

    A main – if not the biggest – destination for medical tourism is Latin America for more reasons and we are trying to shed a light on these specific reasons below. You have anything to add? Please let us know in the comment section.

    The perspective of the Latino community

    On one hand health care is obviously cheaper in Latin America, so many Mexico-born, Caribbean-born, and so on, US workers travel home or to neighboring countries for different medical procedures.

    But saving a pretty penny is not the only reason. Many patients feel much more comfortable and safe in the hands of a doctor who speaks their native language and that is also why they choose to travel for medical services. Of course, the high quality facilities – with well prepared personnel – that can be found all over the continent are also an important factor!

    Why travel to Latin America medical services?

    If you are not Latino you still have a number of reasons why you should consider Latin America your medical travel destination. Procedures are way more affordable and if you make a little research – which is a must n such cases – you can find very good clinics and doctors specialized in anything you want.

    US passport

    United States passport ©Damian613/Flickr

    Doctors and nurses used to this medical migration are bilingual, some destinations – like Mexico – are really close to the US and the exotic locations make both short and long term recovery much more pleasant.

    Procedures and locations

    There are certain countries that are famous for specific services or procedures. If you want to do dental work, you would travel to El Salvador while visiting Columbia might bring you nice breast or chin implants. Also, many go to Argentina for assisted fertility – and the list goes on.

    Medicine costs

    Medicine costs ©Images_of_Money/Flickr

    Rather cheap pharmaceuticals, great rehab facilities, diabetic care and even cancer treatments are among the reasons why people choose to travel to South America.

    Do you find these legit argument? Would you consider Latin America as medical tourism destination and if so, where would you go and what would you do? Become one of the half million people in the US who travels to a Hispanic country for medical treatment.

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