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  • Short Guide to Quebec’s summer festivals

    Quebec city center during night

    Quebec city center during night

    Canada has more travel destinations than you can contemplate at once, and the best thing about them is that they are all so different. Depending on which part f Canada you’re visiting, you will feel like you are in another country. This goes especially for Quebec, the only Canadian province with French as it’s only official language.

    Talk about old world charm! So brush up on your French, or arm yourself with a good phrasebook, and take a tour of Quebec. And before you go, check out this list of Quebec’s biggest and greatest summer festivals. This province has lots of exciting festivals, and they happen anywhere and anytime. So have your fill of historic and cultural attractions, and then find your groove at an amazing festival.

    Montréal International Jazz Festival

    Montreal Jazz FestivalThis festival is an absolute must see or all the fans of jazz, and on its own it is a perfectly reasonable excuse to to Quebec (no matter where in the world you are). This is the biggest jazz festival on the planet, so if you haven’t been to see it yet, plan your visit to Quebec at the end of June.

    Over 3000 artists from 30 countries perform on 10 stages, and there are over 450 free concerts. During the festival, many parts of Montréal are closed to traffic, so this is an excellent chance to walk around the city in peace during the morning hours when there are no concerts.

    Just for Laughs Festival

    Quebec seems to have lots of festivals that are the biggest of their kind in the whole world. This is also the case with the Just for Laughts Festival (Juste pour Rire in French), the largest comedy festival in the world. The festival is held in July each year, and the great thing about it is that the performances take place all over the streets, especially in the Latin Quarter. The vocal and visual performances are supported by the local theatres and cafes, and there’s an all around festival mood permeating the entire quarter.

    L’International des Feux Loto-Québec

    The largest pyrotechnics festival in the world attracts hundreds of pyrotechnics companies from all around the world. Most of the shows last for about half an hour, and as the festival’s website says, they are pyromusical art performances. Various pyrotechnics teams battle though fire and music for the grand prize, and all you’ll want to do is stare in amazement at the displays of light, colour and sound. The fireworks shows take place around twice a week, from July to August.

    Festival International Nuits d’Afrique

    Nuits d'AfriqueThis festival celebrates the culture of the West Indies, though music, art and cuisine. There are many workshops and training sessions you can participate in: you can learn to shake a leg on traditional African rhythms, learn about Caribbean folklore and legends, learn traditional arts and crafts.

    There’s also an African market where you can buy clothes and jewelry, and of course, one of the most important parts of the festival, try out the delicious cuisine.

    Québec City Summer Festival

    Lots of free events, artists from all over the world and ten venues around the capital of the province. It is Canada’a largest outdoor artistic event, with world-famous bands and singers and every imaginable genre of music. You can buy a ticket for the entire duration of the festival, granting you access to all the shows, or you can pick out your favourite artists and go to a few individual concerts.

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