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  • 5 Scenic Golf Courses Around the World

    Few people ever think of traveling from the perspective of a sports player. Although it is true the the contemporary lifestyle often associates traveling with an active living (just take a look at all the gym equipment and activities provided by a luxury hotel or cruise ship), there aren’t many people who travel around the world just for the sake of sports alone (with the exception of big tournaments like World Cup or the Olympics, of course).

    This is why today we decided to tell you a little about golf courses and which are your best alternatives in case you want to mix golf with pleasure and see some of the most spectacular golf courses on the planet.

    St. Andrews Old Course, Scotland

    Let us give St. Andrews Old Course its lion share and present it in all its glory, as the oldest known golf course in the whole world. The course was first attested in 1552 and it still manages to play hard to get with both the amateurs and the pros. It’s adjacent Scottish mansion and numerous competitions make the Old Course a royal delight.

    Augusta National Golf Club, USA

    With a brilliant design and splendid setting amongst Augusta’s amazing flowers, Augusta National Golf Club is considered as one of the best in the world, not only for its over 70 years tradition, but also for the unique design of its holes (which also turn it into one of the most difficult courses in the world). With hole names like Carolina Cherry, Yellow Jasmine or Tea Olive, Augusta brings golf to a whole new level.

    The Himalayan Golf Course, Nepal

    It’s hard to imagine a more inspiring experience than playing golf with the impossible peaks of the Himalayas in the background. The Himalayan Golf Course at Pokhara, Nepal, is no longer a secret among golfers and was recently listed on the top of world’s most unique holes. Despite the fact that it is situated at such a high altitude, the course takes great benefits from Nepal’s tropical climate, which makes it playable all year round.

    Dubai Country Club, United Arab Emirates

    A golf game played amongst sand dunes, in the dignified silence of the Arabian desert, represents a once in a lifetime experience. As the oldest golf course in the Arabian peninsula, Dubai Country Club has managed to gain international fame. Having to carry a green piece of Astroturf around you all the time might seem a little uncomfortable, but the absence of grass makes the DCC much greener then any other Dubai course, as it only requires modest quantities of water.

    Cape Kidnappers, New Zealand

    Cape Kidnappers might seem like a strange name pick for a golf course, but we can only pay our respects to this Kiwi wonder which, in less than 6 years of existence, has made it to the top 50 best golf courses in the whole world. In accordance to golf architect Tom Doak’s vision, the golf course was built upon a 140 cliff overlooking the Hawke’s Bay, and features 18 challenging holes, as well as an equipment shop, restaurant and Club House.

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