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  • Top 5 travel destinations for vegetarians

    Keeping up a vegetarian diet while traveling is not as easy as it sounds, especially since this lifestyle is not equally popular everywhere on the planet. While at home you can prepare your meals for yourself or eat out at places where you know that there are vegetarian or vegan dishes on the menu, in a foreign place you might end up chewing on french fries and cheese sandwiches for lack of anything better.

    But luckily for the herbivores among us, there are many countries where the vegetarian gourmet will be in heaven. Here are the top 5 travel destinations for vegetarians.


    Indians have been preparing delicious and wholesome vegetarian dishes before the word was even known in other countries. Because certain versions of Hinduism encourage (or even require) a vegetarian diet, Indian cuisine has a large section of vegetarian recipes. In Southern India, for example, there are cities where you don’t even have to label yourself as vegetarian, because most of the dishes on the menu do not contain any meat.


    Even as a vegetarian on a budget, you have nothing to worry about in Thailand. Many Thai dishes are rice based, with plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs, and curry can almost always be ordered without meat. Tofu is often used as a substitute for meat, and there are many amazing tofu-based dishes that will make your mouth water.

    Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is another great destination for vegetarians because rice and beans are a staple, and used in many traditional dishes. In addition, fruit and vegetables are widely used as garnishes or deserts. You can also ask for casados (plates of the day) in restaurants, since they almost always come in vegetarian version too. In towns, you will definitely find vegetarian/vegan friendly dining places, and even in smaller villages you can order meat-less salads.

    United Kingdom

    If you’re afraid that all you can find in the UK are fish and chips, roast or sausages, don’t worry, because the British Isles are surprisingly vegetarian-friendly. The population of the country is increasingly diverse, so you can find many types of ethnic and fusion cuisine in UK cities. In addition to tons of health food and even raw food restaurants, restaurants, there are also many places where vegetarian dishes are never off the menu.


    Malaysia’s cuisine is very diverse, but being a veggie in this country is fairly easy, and there are many dishes that normally don’t include meat (and if they do, you can ask for their vegetarian counterparts). Try the rojak (salad of pineapple, cucumber, bean curd, and boiled egg with peanut sauce – ask for no prawn fritters.

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