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  • The Cathedrals of France You Must Visit

    Petros G/flickr

    Reims Cathedral interior ©Petros G/flickr

    France features arguably the most grandiose cathedrals in Europe, each of them having their own distinguished architecture and history. The country has many churches, but I choose personally the most interesting ones despite France having many to visit.

    While the Notre Dame of Paris is also beautiful and important, it has other Cathedrals that you must visit without question, especially if you can afford to go to places like Reims and Chartres, which are relatively close to Paris. Nevertheless, these places of worship must be visited no matter what is the purpose of your trip in France.

    5. Avignon

    Tim Hulsen/flickr

    ©Tim Hulsen/flickr

    Despite being one of the country’s finest Romanesque structures, the Cathedral of Avignon has other architectural elements as well. This beautiful place of worship was built in the second half of the 12th century. Because Avignon was the seat of Papacy in the 14th century, the church itself played a very important role during that time.

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    The Cathedral, within the Papal Palace, the Pont Saint-Bénézet and the historic center are recognized as heritage sites by UNESCO. A very beautiful medieval town, it is one of the nation’s best preserved wonders. Simply put, this town was very important for the French people and also one of the important towns in history.

    4. Chartres

    © Patrick Masson/flickr

    © Patrick Masson/flickr

    It is said that this Cathedral represents the finest example of French Gothic architecture. An incredibly beautiful cathedral, it is well known as a very important tourist destination in France even from the 12th-13th when it was finished and opened to the public.

    Besides the exceptional church, you might also visit the charming little town of Chartres, which is of course a primary example of a typical French town.

    3. Reims



    Due to its very important history, particularly during the French monarchical history, this exceptional and appealing cathedral served for the kings of France as a traditional site of crowning for centuries. The 13th century church possesses outstanding beauty both architecturally and historically, thus making this cathedral a major tourist destination.

    Reims also features other noteworthy landmarks like the Palace of Tau and the former abbey of  Saint Remi which are must visit attractions. These buildings together with the cathedral are part of UNESCO.

    2. Bourges

    Daniel Jolivet/flickr

    ©Daniel Jolivet/flickr

    Mighty and fascinating, you should definitely visit this outstanding cathedral if you are in town. It is one of Europe’s most important masterpieces of Gothic architecture. This huge 12th – 13th century cathedral is known for its striking windows and exceptionally beautiful interior.

    It must also be credited for its beautiful garden that surrounds the the building, building that makes this destination both exciting and unique.

    1. Amiens



    Of all the great Cathedrals of France, I consider this one the finest. It has the most splendid and out of common decoration. Because of its vast 13th century architecture, it is surely a major tourist destination that won’t disappoint you. The most impressive part of the church is its facade, as it has beautiful sculptures, a specific feature of Gothic architecture.

    Like all the cathedrals mentioned before, it has a significant background which made Amiens a noteworthy destination. It has the greatest and largest interior space among French cathedrals.

    This charming little French town is also a lovely place to hang out, giving you a typical aroma of the country and also featuring outstanding cafes and restaurants.

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