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  • Top backpacking destinations for 2011

    Are you ready for another year of globe-trotting with nothing more than a backpack and a camera? Backpacking is not something that everyone enjoys, but a genuine backpacker knows that a tight budget and little luggage won’t stop anyone from having a great holiday, on the contrary!

    Backpacking will allow you to mingle with locals and other tourists alike, to see place that are off the beaten track, and to experience the culture of the country you’re visiting in its purest, rawest form. So start packing for another great year for backpacking, especially with destinations like these! Here’s our list of the top backpacking destinations for 2011.


    Western Europe used to be the Mecca or backpackers, but Paris and London are slowly giving way to other, more ‘exotic’ European destinations. Eastern Europe is becoming a great tourist destination for backpackers, because it is a lot cheaper than the Western part of the continent, and besides, it has amazing natural beauty and a fascinating culture. Croatia is the perfect destination for beach-goers who want pristine beaches, clean water and friendly people.


    If you want to see wildlife and quench your thirst for adventure, Zanzibar is the perfect destination for you. The island is warm, beautiful, breezy, full of interesting animals and historic places. Keep you camera at the ready in case you chance upon a monkey or the feared Zanzibar leopard (which hasn’t been sighted since 1997). Stone Town is a great place to hang out after you’re done with your wanderings in the wild.

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Istanbul, for the most part, is a modern metropolis, but it still retains that ‘Arabian Nights’ kind of charm in its old neighborhoods. Don’t miss out on the bazaars where you an haggle for everything and with a bit of luck you can end up with an interesting trinket for the price of a hamburger. The Turkish baths are a must try, even if the intensely exfoliating scrubs you’ll be subjected to can be rather painful.

    Mumbai, India

    If you like getting lost in cities, Mumbai will do the trick for you. This city is so big, colorful and confusing that you’ll have a hard time not getting lost in the crowds. From skyscrapers to slums, markets smelling of spices and street-food stalls, Mumbai has a bit of everything.

    Mumbai is so diverse that you can find something to do here regardless of your budget. Besides, there are lots backpacker hostels in the city where you can meet some traveling companions if you want.


    Forget everything that you’ve heard of Colombia, because what you’ll find there will completely deconstruct your image of it. This country is amazingly ffordable, it has wonderful beaches, cheap accommodation (you can sleep in a hammock on the beach or $2), the local modern art is exquisite (Fernando Botero, for example, in Colombian), and a lively nightlife.

    Although rumors of kidnappings and drugs are still scaring tourists away, Colombia has become much safer for solo travelers, especially in the smaller cities like Cartagena and Santa Marta.

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