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  • Top 5 college football towns in the US

    Playing sports is a healthy and fun activity, but if you’re not athletically inclined, there’s something else you can do: watch sports! And we’re not talking about sitting in front of the TV couch-potato style, but actually traveling to see some exciting games.

    College football is fun because you can cheer for the team of your old alma mater, or for some relative who’s on the team, or just for no reason at all! The main point is to get into that state of excitement and expectation that results from watching a good game. So if you feel like watching some good football games, here’s a list of the top 5 college football towns in the US.

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    Austin, Texas

    The University of Texas has a great football team, and if you manage to travel to Austin when the Longhorns have a game, don’t miss out on it. The team dates back to 1893, so they have a long tradition, and the school song is quite catchy. Austin is a great weekend destination, and since it is a university town, it is a fertile breeding ground for alternative culture of all kinds. After the game you can go to a gig, hang out in a cafe, see an experimental theater performance. Austin describes itself as weird, and in this case it is a good thing.

    Boise, Idaho

    The Broncos of the Boise State University are known for their large number of home records in NCAA history, and they have a large fan following that never fails to show up at games. On game days, the whole stadium is engulfed in blue, orange and white, the team colors. And even after the game, you’ll find plenty to do in Boise, since the town’s cultural life is very lively.

    Eugene, Oregon

    The University of Oregon Ducks draw a large crowd to their games, and the tradition is to warm up in the Moshofsky Sports Center before the game. The mascot of the team is Donald Duck, and apparently Walt Disney himself gave the university leave to use the character. The city’s life is quite exciting, and not only is it deserving of its fame as Hippie City (thanks to the excellent live music scene), but it also has tons of small, stylish cafes and a few interesting museums.

    Knoxville, Tennessee

    The University of Tennessee Volunteers are lucky enough to play at the fourth largest stadium in the country, and also to have a strategy that can help against their rivals. It is a game tradition for fans to sing the bluegrass song Rocky Top at least 20 times during each game, which can be a bit distracting for the other team.

    Madison, Wisconsin

    The University of Wisconsin Badgers have a dedicated fanbase that came up with intricate choreographies during the game. Be prepared to do ‘the wave’ together with around 80,000 Badgers fans, in a special way: first counterclockwise, then in slow motion, again at double-time, then reversed, and finally split into two counter-waves. And after the physical workout of the game, relax in one of the many coffee shops of Madison.

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