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  • The best summer destinations for cooling off


    Is the hot summer weather getting too much for you? Summer’s just begun, but for some people, it’s high time for some cooling off. Going to the pool and staying in the shadow can get boring after a while, and if you don’t want to miss out on traveling while the dog days last, there are some places you could visit.

    So if you don’t know where to hide away from the scorching sun, then here are some of the best summer destinations for cooling off.


    Although the name surely conjures up heaps of ice, Iceland is not always that icy. Especially in summer, the weather can be pleasantly mild. Plus, you get sunny days without having to suffer the heat, especially since the summer sun in Iceland never quite sets, which means that you get more time to do whatever makes you happy. You can hag around the beaches and rent a kayak, explore the caves, and admire the scenery of this beautiful island.


    Ireland, much like the UK, is notorious for its bad weather, but the rain and winds that are said to perpetually plague the emerald island are a bit of an exaggeration. In summer, the weather in Ireland is very pleasant and often sunny, but rarely as hot as to make you uncomfortable.

    If you decide on a coastal town, you can also enjoy the cool Atlantic breeze while exploring the natural and cultural attractions of Ireland.


    Maine, with its dense forests and picturesque towns, is not only amazing in the autumn when the foliage turns golden. In summer, Maine has a special charm, and not only in the forest areas, but also on the coast. So find a nice coastal town, and live on delicious fresh seafood for a couple of weeks – you can even try your hand on catching your lunch yourself!

    Stockholm, Sweden

    If you hate the big city in summer because the heat gets unbearable in the middle of all that concrete, you can switch to an other cosmopolitan capital which is cooler (in more than one sense of the world).

    Stockholm is a beautiful city with countless cultural and historical attractions, but it is also a paradise for shopping-addicts (some people call it ‘shopholm’).

    Muskoka, Canada

    Only an hour and half from Toronto, Muskoka is a haven of nice, mild weather and coastal scenery and forests. The rocky inlets of the Georgian Bay are perfect for those who like the beach without the heat, and the vast expanses of forests and lakes are great places for walking or hiking.

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