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    It goes without saying Romania took hold of a special place as a tourist destination on the map of Europe. Captious people need only pay a visit to the medieval cities in Transylvania, to the buzzing capital city of Bucharest, also known as the Little Paris, gaze at the unique monasteries in Moldavia and catch the sun beams on the sandy beaches located near the Black Sea, to be certain about that. After a trip to the Danube Delta, crowded with unique fauna and flora, every tourist will sink his teeth into the Romanian destinations. In addition, there’s this famous legend about the vampire Dracula who presumably lived in the Bran Castle many centuries ago, which acts like a magnet for tourists longing for adventure. Not to mention the tasty Romanian food like forcemeat rolls of cabbage adorned with corn mush or the pickled cucumbers with steak and following compotes and marmalades for dessert.


    Located on the banks of Dambovita River, the Romanian capital is dotted with green parks and lakes where one could escape the loud traffic, the heat and the crowd in the city center: Herastrau, Lake Floreasca, Lake Tei and Her?str?u Park. Moreover, the city is studded with impressive buildings and monuments such as the Palace of the Parliament (ranked as the second-largest building in the world, which can presumably be spotted from outer space), the Triumphal Arch, a clone of the same-named monument in Paris, the Romanian Athenaeum which represents the Romanian cultural image worldwide. Arguably the most interesting museum in Bucharest is the Museum of the Romanian Peasant exhibiting national peasant costumes, artifacts and ceramic-made pots and cups. The internationally reckoned open-air Village Museum should not be left out when visiting Bucharest because it features a great number of traditional peasant houses from all the Romanian regions and dating back centuries ago. Provided you would like to spend a night out in the city and unwind, stop by Enache Diary (L?pt?ria Enache) or Motors (La Motoare) two great bars, not to jarring situated near University Square. A shopping session on the Magheru Boulevard is compulsory provided you want to come back home with stiffed shopping bags.


    All the trademarks of the vibrant capital should be visited, but do not forget the towns in other regions on the country.  For example, the medieval towns scattered all over Transylvania are the main attraction for the foreign holidaymakers. There are many tourists who choose to make a tour of the main medieval cities: Sibiu, Sighi?oara and Brasov. If the case, a good starting point of the tour would be Sibiu, the 2007 European Capital of Culture with its two main historical parts: the Upper Town and the Lower Town. The Upper Town is like an open-air museum teem with squares such as the Grand Square (nowadays the heart of the city), the Lesser Square, the Huet Square, monuments and history-infused buildings like Brukenthal Palace, the Liar’s Bridge, the Council Tower and the House of the Arts.

    After travelling along to the north, the next stop is Sighi?oara, the place where Vlad ?epe?, drabbed Dracula was born. However, this city has a lot more to offer than bloody legends. For example, the Clock Tower and the citadel are jaw-dropping, well-preserved edifices and savoring a cup of tea and a slice of cake in one of the bars in the citadel offers a long-lasting impression.

    This mini-tour ends in Brasov, a spectacular city located at the foot of the Tampa Mountain and near Poiana Bra?ov, an exclusive winter resort with snow-covered mountains and modern slopes. Both in summer and in winter Bra?ov is swarming with visitors goggling at the Gothic Black Church and strolling in the Sfatului Square. For an outstanding panorama of this medieval city, take the cable-car to the top of Tampa because it’s an unrivalled experience. Not very far from Bra?ov is located the Bran Castle mostly known as Dracula’s residence. Nowadays, the castle is a museum hosting old-fashioned, unique furniture items gathered by Queen Marie.

    Wooden Churches of Maramures

    Once you left Bra?ov you should take into account stopping by Maramure?, a region situated in the northern part of the country and housing unique wooden churches, wrapped in shingles and displaying a tall tower. In Maramure?, the traditions are still respected and the locals wear the Romanian traditional costume on all the holidays.

    The Merry Cemetery

    While some might find the idea of a merry cemetery outlandish, most of the tourists coming here are delighted by the sight, claiming it is food for the soul. The Merry Cemetery is special due to the azure tombstones with engraved coloured pictures representative for the buried person’s life.

    Moldavian Monasteries

    Provided you’re seeking for a less buzzing manner to spend your holiday, plan a tour including the painted churches of Moldavia, in the eastern part of Romania. These seven churches are real works of art, unique on the continent by their religious-themed wall-paintings. In Vorone?, the church is painted in a blue-shade that has been declared unique in the whole world.

    Black Sea Riviera

    Romania boasts of a sunny coastline at the Black Sea, dotted by summer resorts meeting all the tourists’ tastes. While Mamaia is an exclusive destination, chosen mainly by the adults Costine?ti is reckoned for the hustling nightlife with the parties that last until dawn.

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