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  • Reasons to buy a time share for your vacation

    Timeshare in Disneyland, Orlando

    Timeshare ©osseous/Flickr

    Desperately looking for the best and the cheapest hotels and resorts for an upcoming vacation and doing this for months before we can find something suitable and make up our minds – we have all been there.  But there is a relatively new alternative to booking hotel rooms or condos for a getaway, these are the time shares.

    You have probably heard the term already, it is basically share a vacation house with other people and stay at the property at different times according to a schedule you and your fellow owners set up. If you did not give much thought to it before, you should check out what it is all about…

    Why buy a time share


    Timeshares ©GGtimeshares/Flickr

    Choose a city you would really like to have a house in, let it be Florida, or even Hawaii – I’d love to have a house in any of there – you check out timeshares in Orlando like Wyndham Bonnet Creek and find a time share apartment with all the amenities you’re looking for, choose a time of  year you’d like to vacation during, then you find one in your price range and buy it.

    From then on, you can use your unit that time of year every year  and not having to think about and pay for a hotel to stay in. Plus, by using exchange companies like RCI, Interval International or Trading Places.

    A time share is also more intimate, it’s pretty much like you are staying in your own home, cook your meals, stay on your balcony in the evenings… It is comfortable, cozy and can save you a lot of money you can later spend on shopping or dining in cool places.

    How sell your time share

    Timeshare in Disneyland, Orlando

    Timeshare ©osseous/Flickr

    One more positive thing is that once you no longer want it you can always sell it on the resale market. You feel you need to sell your – let’s be consistent – Orlando timeshare, you sell it on the resale market. Just be aware that you will most likely not get the same amount back that you purchased it for as time shares do lose value after purchased from the resort.

    At this point, most people have realized it’s better choice to purchase a time share resale rather than directly from the resort since they receive better deals.

    You can check out a time share resale company, see their terms and offers for yourself, then pick an apartment and begin a new holiday experience of vacationing – if you like the idea and feel flexible enough to actually use your unit each year time shares can be a great purchase.

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    I opt for timeshare all the time

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